Cel Damage HD Could Provide Spark of Wacky Fun the PS4 Desperately Needs | Hardcore Gamer

The founders of studio Pseudo Interactive are well aware of the flaws in the original Xbox version, and they were not shy in telling us so. However, Cel Damage always held a special place in their hearts as it was one of the first games they worked on, and as such two of their co-founders are looking to bring an updated version to a new generation of players. Their new studio is Finish Line Games, and what they lack in size they more than make up for in devotion. This has always been a passion project of theirs, and the excitement they have in their title is infectious, even to those of us that were less than impressed with the original version. They've worked hard to ensure Cel Damage HD will not only appeal to nostalgic gamers (themselves included), but hopefully draw in a new generation of gamers completely unfamiliar with the property.

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ValKilmer1425d ago

I think it’s hilarious the PS4 is getting the HD remake of an Xbox launch game

pedrof931425d ago

I don't know what to say. To you.

SweatyFlorida1425d ago

No more hilarious then Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD that got released for Ps3. Cel damage at least got released on cube and ps2 down the line, so a HD remake should not be hilarious...

I for one am excited as I enjoyed the game on the Gamecube. Online multiplayer component could be a blast, especially if you can also play online and local co-op at the same time.

MeLoveRamen1425d ago

cel damage was also for gamecube. i found it hilarious that the xbox360 got HD remakes of a ps2 game in metal gear solid 2,3. See how stupid that sounds

ValKilmer1425d ago

Still, one would think it would be natural to put this on Xbox One.

DCfan1425d ago

MGS2 came for the original xbox...

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1425d ago

i think its hilarious how Xbox one users still pay 60$ a year to rent all xbox one features ;)

zero_gamer1425d ago

PS2 and GameCube had this as well.

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ThichQuangDuck1425d ago

We need more Whacky games that break the laws of reality. Whether it be racing, fighting or adventure games. As for weird that it was a previous xbox launch game. Not really all that weird considering it has been 10 years and markets change as well as demographics.

Remy_S1425d ago

It sure is getting hilarious in here.

zero_gamer1425d ago

Definitely buying this. Had loads of fun with this on the GameCube.

DigitalRaptor1425d ago

Can't wait for this.

The whole cross-buy thing is something chronic.