Watch Dogs Hype Train Derailed

Matt Trovalli of Gamers Heroes writes:

Over the last few months, Watch Dogs fell off the radar for many people. It was especially drowned out by the release of Dark Souls II and Titanfall. Recently though, accompanying the announcement of the new release date (May 27th, 2014), a trailer was released that was intended to give people some insight about the story. Hopefully, it would also restore some of the lost hype. Unfortunately, this trailer had the opposite effect.

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Paulie_gualtieri1604d ago

Every trailer they release makes me care less and less about the game.

Ubi is really botching this one big time.I'm honestly more excited for Hell divers then watch dogs at this point.

Psychotica1604d ago

Really? Every time they release a new trailer I get more excited for it.

Lawboy21604d ago

Totally agree...May can't come soon enough

AgentSmithPS41604d ago

They're using parity polish on the game, that's the worst kind.

aLucidMind1604d ago

I'm not familiar with the phrase "parity polish"; mind explaining it to me?

AgentSmithPS41603d ago

I made it up, at best it means that they were lazy so they made both console versions look the same instead of making each look their best, at worst they accepted money to nerf the other version so "little Billy" wouldn't get butthurt.

Automatic791604d ago

I think they showed off the game way to early and so the hype has died a bit but I am still interested in playing it and hope the polish was well worth the wait.

-Foxtrot1604d ago

If they'd just released it when they were suppose to then this wouldn't of happened.

Their own fault at the end of the day.

They can tell us it's them "polishing" it all they like but nothing I've seen from the new trailers show me they've done any more work to it.

CaptainCamper1604d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's not often I associate the term "polish" with changing something to look worse. Still got high hopes for the game but it's understandable that many are starting to lose faith.

dcj05241604d ago

They said they were polishing the game mechanics because they said it was, their words "too repetitive". So it's impossible for us to really tell right now.

Snookies121604d ago

Yeah, with every passing week this game slides further off my radar. Just not really interested in it at this point.


looks like crap on the ps4one now. Might still be good on the PC but im not so sure now.

Trovalli1604d ago

The thing with PC gaming though is someone can mod it to look like it should :D

derkasan1604d ago

Yeah, that's the real stickler. The graphics look much worse than the E3 trailer.

RioKing1604d ago

^ To Stevie Wonder, maybe...

mysteryraz111604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

pc gamers are idiots, always bragging about shit that costs more and somehow that makes them better, ill get this on ps4 no reason to build a pc when all the games pc fanboys wanna play are multiplats, not exclusives cause pc has a sub par library, lol if the ps4 was doing 4k pc fanboys would still brag even though the console would be waayy more expensive

christrules00411604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Not all or not even 50% of pc gamers brag or go on about how pricy a rig can cost. Calling pc gamers idiots for a small amount of people that actually do that is ridiculous. One advatange about pc over consoles is that you don't even need a really good rig now. I have a descent rig and a PS4. I'll be able to max Watch Dogs out at 1080p but in the future when its cheap to upgrade my rig I will and I'll go back and play the games that I love cranking everything to max which will be 4k. But if I buy Watch Dogs on consoles it'll be stuck at 1080p.

Not braging just my thoughts on why I would rather go pc instead of consoles. The other thing is a sub par library? Comon man just on steam there is 5,000+ games to pick from. I'm actually going through The first Witcher and gonna go through the second one before The Witcher 3 Wild hunt gets here. =)

chrissx1604d ago

I remember hw amazed I was when I saw that e3 trailer, the anticipation has died down after that drastic downgrade

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