Wii Fit U gets massive price cut at Walmart and Amazon

Retailers are slashing the price on Nintendo's Wii Fit U package for the Wii U.

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LOL_WUT1599d ago

Wow looks like this fitness game didn't sell too good hopefully their upcoming ips will be better received as this is worrisome. ;)

randomass1711599d ago

Don't many major retailers and publishers do price cuts after releases?

dedicatedtogamers1599d ago

I bought it on Amazon. I never actually jumped in with the original Wii Fit, so I'll give it a try with this one.

GeofferyPeterson1599d ago

Yeah I bought the Wii Fit balance board when it first came out for $100 bucks. I'm an idiot.

ovnipc1599d ago

Me: Wii U whats that?
Friend: the crap console you got and sold it a week later.
Me: no that was the PS4.
Friend: oh sorry the one you sold next day.
Me: yea now I remember. That useless console.

scootscottskeet931599d ago

What point are u trying to make?? Stupid comment..

ifistbrowni1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

omni, saw this in your comment history...

6 days ago you claimed you were buying a ps4 "next week."

Since today is the first day of this "next week" im going to take a long-shot here and say that comment was strictly for trolling. I bet you have never owned a ps4.

I'd wait for a reply, but you only have 1 bubble. Plus, i'd imagine it'd just be another asinine pro-xbox comment.

EDIT: Out of boredom, i continued to look through your comment history.

Nice that you can judge a game without ever having played it.

Praises ps4 and says how badly he wants one

Knocks ps4 and says it can "go to hell" while praising xbox 1 and calls it the best console.

Now, I am positive that you have never owned a ps4 and your comment was strictly for trolling.

5eriously1599d ago

Placed the obvious 7 years old troll ovnipc with NO consoles on ignore

Geobros1599d ago

wow!!! has always very good price cut. Why not european amazon as well?

jwk941599d ago

I really don't understand the whole fitness craze.

Rearden1599d ago

Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have sold over 40 million units combined. Clearly some people are seeing value in these kinds of "games".

TheRedButterfly1599d ago

Looks like that price is getting in shape too. ;D

RPG_Lover1599d ago

I have a feeling Mario Kart and Smash bundles will be the big sellers.

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