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Excerpt: "This goat is more than a tin can-eating animal. Get your goat onto a trampoline, and it soar high into the sky with each ever-increasing jump. You’re capable of doing tricks similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, where you can do 360s and 720s. More elaborate moves have ridiculous names to accompany them. You’ll earn points for nearly everything you do, from headbutts, getting hit by cars, jumping on boxes, licking people, to blowing up gas stations Michael Bay-style. In order to retain these points, you must keep your combo going with new and different tricks. The world you’re dropped into is sizable, with rural and suburban areas to explore. Naturally, there are plenty of secrets and hidden things to discover – these are best left for you to find rather than for me to spoil."

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JoeUltio1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It's an indie game developed in one month costing ten bucks. What did the writer of this article expect? You can't just compare a game like this with triple A titles and expect them to meet the same standards. The score of this review is mostly based on inferior, non-applying arguments. Bad review imo

thejigisup1483d ago

I do believe you mean to say the review was... Baaaaad. This is also not the goat-to place to find proper articles regarding simulators of this nature.

JoeUltio1483d ago

Bááá!dum tsss

exactly thats another way to put it +1

HawkSE1484d ago

There's no comparisons being made, only a reference to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in how the combo and point systems work.

It's simply not that good of a game. Even the developers admit that. It's being reviewed as any game would be. There's no slider or scale. This gets adjusted all the same as any other games do. Most of, if not all of the quests can be completed in an hour. All of the in-game achievements may take another hour or two. It's buggy and it has a bad crash-to-desktop fault - those are pretty big problems, indie or not.

KonsoruMasuta1483d ago

I agree the bug problems are pretty bad and the developer needs to fix them.

But the other issues such as quest length and content don't make sense. This game will be completely depend on steam workshop, that's what the the developers wanted. They want users to add their own content.

HawkSE1483d ago

That's IF anything meaningful comes from the Steam Workshop, which is not a guarantee.

MadSientist891483d ago

this is one of those games where it doesn't need reviews.

Elda1483d ago

This is a game to play when you're stoned,saw someone playing on Gamespot & it looked stupid hilarious.

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