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FEZ Review: The Vita Lounge

TheVitaLounge.net reviews the classic Polytron game FEZ for the PlayStation Vita. (Fez, PS Vita) 5/5

Chaz3010  +   204d ago
Great review! I am loving this game on my Vita, have been waiting for it for a while and now I have it I can't put it down!
ruefrak  +   204d ago
It's such a relief to hear that this game is great on the Vita. I've been holding off on playing it because I always thought it would be the perfect game for the Vita, but when I heard nothing about the game and there were no early reviews, I thought it must run like crap. Really happy to hear that isn't the case.
I'm getting it right.... now.
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ThichQuangDuck  +   204d ago
Enjoy I never beat it on Xbox 360,but seems it would be an even better fit for vita and portable. I think about getting a Playstation Vita sometimes
ruefrak  +   204d ago
I love my Vita. It's probably the one console I play the most because it's so easy to just pick it up and play. Plus with all the free games from PS+, there is a ton of stuff to play. In fact, my back log on the Vita is so big I'm not sure I'm going to get anywhere close to getting through it. And if you look at the list of games coming... I'm screwed.
I know some people complain that it's becoming a handheld for "indies" but if FEZ is the kind of games coming to it, then I'm all in with that.
kalbo14  +   204d ago
beautiful game. worth every penny
ruefrak  +   204d ago
More than that. For a game of this quality and you get it for the Vita, PS3, and PS4, I would honestly pay $60 for it. Well... at least $50.
vongruetz  +   204d ago
I had heard about Fez for years, and of course watching Indie Game the Movie made me curious about the game, but I had never played it until now. I know that Phil Fish rubbed some people the wrong way with his somewhat, er, eccentric(?) behavior, but her really did create something pretty great. I hope people can look past a lot of that drama and just enjoy this game for the masterpiece it is.
Paul_Murphy  +   204d ago
Great review Vongruetz. Been waiting for your thoughts, I suppose I need to buy it now. Cross buy/save on all three for a great price is a no-brainer.
teflontactics  +   204d ago
Great review, Brad!

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