With the Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus Is A True, SAO-Like Gaming Experience Closer than We Think?

Otaku Dome:

The new generation of gaming is coming at us hard and heavy, we thought the big news was over when the announcement of the Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam Box was all said and done. However, the gaming industry keeps slapping us with even more “in your face” tech. Virtual Reality, which had been dormant since the initial concept was thought up around the late 70s (in a serious manner) is making a major comeback, so much so that it’s looking to go the way that science fiction fans have always hoped they’d live through

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TheFinalEpisode1454d ago

If I don't die in real life when I lose then it's too casual.

3-4-51454d ago

A Sword Art Online game would be awesome, as long as its in the tone of the first 15 episodes and nothing after.

* Could take place in a few of the random days in between episodes that never got shown of the "2 years"or so of the story.

^ That + Oculus or Morpheus could be a pretty cool experience.

They need to take advantage of it and treat it like a "real" thing though. Have the game act like it's more real that what it is could add to the atmosphere of it.

miyamoto1454d ago

Dude I think we are in luck because Oculus Rift & Project Morpheus are the real deal and too legit to quit unlike some smoke *cough *cough and mirrors, how-soon-is-now Project Natal & Milo.

These technology they are actually playable now.

JustPlay41454d ago

Ya, in about 20 years or so, when technology get a little better, but OR and morpheus are a good start. Baby steps

JustPlay41454d ago

I find this cool website that talk about future and what could happen
- here a link it really interesting - http://www.futuretimeline.n...

A quote from the website -


Humanity is at a crossroads

The world of 2050 is a world of contrasts and paradoxes. On the one hand, science and technology have continued to advance in response to emerging crises, challenges and opportunities. This has created radical transformations in genetics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and related fields. On the other hand, many of these same technologies have been so disruptive that it has led to a more frightening, unpredictable and chaotic world than ever before. Humanity is now at a crossroads that will determine its future path for centuries to come –survival or destruction, prosperity or collapse.

thejigisup1454d ago

I'm stocking up on diapers and an automatic feeder I can eat squeeze food from. I'm damn excited and I'll definitely be ready.

LexHazard791454d ago

Pipe dreams my friend! Even if that were the case theres no way this would be available to consumers! The last thing these companies need is there customers dropping dead because they got Game Over! Lol...

SpiralTear1454d ago

I'm happy that I started watching this anime series right in the middle of all the hype for VR tech in games. Adds a lot of potential for what VR can do, especially for MMO gaming.

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