Here Is What Mirror's Edge Could Look Like In Unreal Engine 4

While the first Mirror’s Edge title was powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3, the next and highly anticipated part of this parkour series will be powered by DICE’s proprietary engine, Frostbite 3. But what if Mirror’s Edge was powered by Unreal Engine 4?

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Enyxodin1573d ago

I hope not, because that looks like the original mirrors edge...


I agree I see no difference and why focus on a place that you have to escape thought u would not take in the detail

minimur121573d ago

what is DSOG's obsession with putting games into different engines, I swear they have so many articles 'this is what this games looks like in this engine'

john21573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

@minimur12: Supporting talented modders that - you know - may make a difference. DICE started as a modding team and look where they are (okay, EA destroyed that studio but it was a nice ride). iCEnhancer creator started as a modder and is now working on Brigade (for quite some time) that is the first API that supports path tracing. There are lots of examples of modders who 'created something in an engine' and got a job in a studio.

inveni01572d ago

I'll have to look again, but I was pretty sure Fristbite was used for the first Mirror's Edge. Am I wrong?

Rimeskeem1573d ago

I can totally see the difference...........
everything is either green and white rather then red and white

ThichQuangDuck1573d ago


What would the gameplay mechanics and dynamics look like on Unreal Engine 4? I am more interested in how the game would play than purely graphics. Otherwise I would just buy a painting for 60$

Th3o1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

here is what mirror's edge could look like if it was using the Call of duty engine:

/[]-< -Insert Wall here- ...Finished code to come on day 1 patch!
_/\ ____

tigertron1573d ago

I see there are better textures and lighting.

sackboyhappy1573d ago

A game made by EA/DICE? no thanks, not after BF3 and BF4

I liked mirrors edge but i no longer trust dice to release a finished product

anesthesique1573d ago

BF3 was golden, but you're more than right about BF4.

sackboyhappy1572d ago

Golden compared to BF4 but it was still full of bugs for at least 6 months

anesthesique1572d ago

Golden compared to alot of shooters out there.

Granted it had a couple bugs the first 6 months, but nothing too extreme that could ruin the game. The USAS/frag rounds glitch (which was the most annoying) only mattered in one map, Metro.

Everything else was perfect, the gameplay, the netcode, the maps, the gamemodes, weapons and vehicles, etc.

I still don't understand how DICE managed to scrap most of that and change everything for BF4.

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The story is too old to be commented.