Why inFamous is More Important to PS4′s Future than Uncharted

"As great as Uncharted was and Naughty Dog still is, I don’t think that’s the franchise of the PlayStation 4’s future – I think inFamous is a lot more important." - David Jagneaux

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pedrof931605d ago

So many articles, not so many ideas...

admiralvic1605d ago

Doesn't that sum up most opinion pieces on a given topic?


I don't really see the authors point. I mean, to the point where I would consider reporting it for practically saying nothing. For instance, take one of the authors main points.

"The developers have already come out and stated how diverse the potential is for future games – any power, any type of person, any time period, and any location."

How is this any different than Uncharted or really any game under the sun? Similar to how inFAMOUS went from Cole to Delsin, Uncharted could follow someone else (someone Drake trained, someone who hates Drake, Sully's past, someone new all together, etc), go to far away places for treasure or take place in other time period if they so desire. The only limit is creativity and I wouldn't be stupid enough to say Naughty Dog is lacking in that area...

Anyway, inFAMOUS is a fun game, but I think a lot of people forget that the series has always been viewed as somewhat average. All 4 titles average out to something like 80 on Metacritic and with the exception of Festival of Blood, the series has been doing increasingly worse with each entry (85 for 1, 83 for 2, 80 for Second Son). Now, I am not saying is definitive proof that inFAMOUS is getting worse, just that the series has always been sort of bumpy.

The first one had an interesting story (if only for the ending), but the morality choices felt pointless (every choice had the same outcome, so it felt sort of pointless) and the combat / post game were pretty weak. Two had a worse story in my opinion (I thought it had a lot of retcons), with better combat and improved post game play (I didn't care for the UGC stuff though). Now, I haven't played SS because I can't say I loved the first three games, but I do recall a lot of people taking issues with Delsin existing (many felt like this was a retcon of what happened in 2), which goes to show some of the issues with the games.

Don't get me wrong, I think they're fun games (albeit, not the best games), but I don't think inFAMOUS is some special series that will be crucial to the PS4's future or at least not for any reason stated here.

colonel1791605d ago

Since when is 80+ considered average?!

admiralvic1605d ago

@ Colonel179

"Since when is 80+ considered average?!"

Posts like yours make me want to stop posting comments on this site, since I hate straw man arguments. I mean, I said it was "viewed as somewhat average", which is going off what I see, not what reviews say. I only brought up the review scores after, because each one was less critically received, than the last, instead of the series getting steadily better like you would hope.

Anyway, not that I want to defend that point, but most people would agree that gaming review scores are somewhat inflated. In fact, gaming has a completely different Green, Yellow and Red system than everything else on Metacritic. - 61 (Green) - 61 (Green) - 61 (Green) - 74 (Yellow) - 49 (red) - 40 (yellow)

But we can argue about this all day and all night. In the end, I personally think inFAMOUS is average and you're welcome to disagree with that if you want.

Conzul1605d ago

inFamous is always bashed by critics and loved by gamers. It's an odd phenomenon.

Metacritic is irrelevant anyway.

vickers5001605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I'd take infamous over uncharted any day of the week. I've always thought uncharted was way overrated. Infamous actually gives you very good reason to replay the game (generally, less so with second son than the first two, but still plenty of reason) whereas uncharted is one and done, you can experience everything there is to offer in a single 8 hour playthrough. Uncharted multiplayer has never been great, it's always been passable. Not many surprises with the story either. The best thing it has going for it is the graphics and cinematic quality. It's a good franchise, but if I had to rate it, it would be a 7.8, while infamous would be a 9 in my opinion.

Last of us I will give credit to though, even though there's not much replayability for single player mode (as is usually the case for linear action games), the story is great, the gameplay is great, the characters are great, pretty much everything about it is great, other than the mp, which is just good.

But I hope Sony focuses more on infamous than they do on uncharted. I've had enough uncharted, I'm craving more infamous.

MysticStrummer1605d ago

"I said it was "viewed as somewhat average", which is going off what I see, not what reviews say."

What you actually said was...

"I think a lot of people forget that the series has always been viewed as somewhat average."

Taking the two together, you think a lot of people forget what you personally read about, which is an interesting thought process to say the least.

spektical1605d ago

gotta disagree. Reviewers are seeming to be more consistent with grading games with next gen games only. Yes KZ was a mediocre SP game 75 is right, MP on the other hand is a solid 8.5.

Infamous is a solid 8.5. Anything lower than an 8 is just searching for hits. Game is great, amazing and well worth the $60, Infamous improves on each iteration but critics seem to be beating to a different drum than the actual gamers.

Army_of_Darkness1605d ago

I don't have a ps4 yet cause I'm broke... But if uncharted 4 comes out I know I will go to the ends of this earth and every corner crack of every sofa to gather up enough change to buy an uncharted ps4 bundle on release day.

joab7771605d ago

I was disappointed with Second Son b/c I loved the sandbox and the powers so much. Now, if they had given us something to do with them. There is basically a story and thats it. The only other thing u get is 5 absurd repetitive moments.

Now, I am sure there is some dlc coming to allow us to use these powers but...until then...

hkgamer1605d ago


80 is considered average since 60 is pretty much a bad game.

The scale most people use ranges from 51-100 and not 1-100.

minimur121605d ago

I can kindof agree with this article, now that Uncharted has a new protagonist, as nate was kindof iconic to uncharted, whereas infamous, because of the change in design from 1-2 you couldn't get too attatched to him. So each infamous game could have a new protagonist (I don't think we're done with delsin yet though)

Like Nate Fox said, it could take an AC approach where it could be in any time and any location in the world, you can't really do that with Uncharted

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No_Limit1605d ago

This won't end well. It will be a civil war in here in a bit. I am staying out of it.

dcj05241605d ago

Yet you bother to comment.

micx1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Uncharted is a much bigger system seller than inFAMOUS. It's the only series that debuted on PS3 that managed to break into PS's Top 10 Selling List. Other titles were well known veterans such as GT, GoW, Crash Bandicoot...

So no, I do not agree.

thorstein1605d ago

And that is the amazing part of it. Once news of Uncharted 4 drops, screenshots sweep the web, and a trailer that shows the game, the PS4 will get another bump in sales like it did with inFamous SecondSon. I think it is planned this way. Keep the hits rolling in and keep the system selling at a high number.

It is easy to see it is going to hit 10million by next holiday with Watch Dogs being the definitive console version and Destiny really being pushed on the PS4 side.

DigitalRaptor1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


Naughty Dog is just one of those devs that, once we see more of one of their games, we begin to speculate and the hype just becomes monstrous.

After TLOU, it's going to more difficult to manage the hype. I can't wait to see the full trailer at E3.

ELCUCO1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

Just finished the game on good karma. Game is amazing. Its got the looks, gameplay, voice acting, controls well. Easily a 9/10.

Its a must play for any PS4 owner.

cell9891604d ago

I don't know how critics score other games that bring nothing new either higher scores, but they complain this game has zero innovation and that's why it gets a low score.

The game excels on every front, and above all else, it's FUN!! Pure unadulterated fun. That's what I play games for, fun. In that aspect Infamous SS is king.

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