9 games from the 90's worthy of a reboot

Between the 16-bit systems of the early 1990's and the polygon-powered systems of the late 90's, there were a number of gaming titles that held high acclaim.

For one reason or another, however, many of these titles have fallen into obscurity. Fast forward roughly two decades and it's high time some of them get re-imagined for today's gaming audience.

We single out nine such titles that we feel are most deserving of a modern next-gen reboot.

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Geobros1605d ago

Very great list. Chrono, Eartwormjim, Earthbound.....those games worth a nice remake.

minimur121605d ago

I appreciate gamers feeling nostalgic about these games, but I'm seeing so many of them now I feel they're just a way to get ad revenue, sure it's your opinion but it's an easy article you can knock up in under an hour in all honesty.

first game that comes to you're head, small description/plea and then a picture/video. rinse& repeat however many times and done.

I_am_Batman1605d ago

If it entertains me reading the article where is the problem? I don't care if it's easy for them to make these articles or not. There could be some more information about some of the games listed but at least you don't have to click through 9 pages to see each game on the list.

On topic: Ecco would be so great. Unfortunately the last big echo project that was planned didn't reach the kickstarter goal. I still play Ecco the Dolphin and Echo The tides of time almost once a year.

A new Chrono game would be great too but I don't think that will happen as the series never got as successful as some other JRPG series.

Shenmue and Earthbound would be nice too. I still hope for an HD collection of Shenmue on new-gen consoles to find out if there is mass interesst for the franchise.

I for one can't wait to see the reboot of Shadow of the Beast. It's one of my favorite franchises of my childhood.

NukaCola1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

EVO The Search For Eden was so awesome. A Feeding Frenzy like RPG. A game like that remade today could really be something incredible. The ability to evolve and devolve to accomplish the story was year ahead of its time. Game truly could use a reboot. Man wasn't Enix amazing before they got up with Square and reuined each other?

Also want Silicon Valley rebooted.

MrNameless1605d ago

Oh Grim Fandango would be excellent. Love to see that as a movie or remake or otherwise.

Liqvid1605d ago

I would love to see a Grim Fandango remake. It is one of my all times favorite game.

Jyndal1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The Neverhood.
Coolest concept ever.
Only the sequel, Skullmonkeys, compares.

nerdman671605d ago

Pokemon snap reboot on the Wii U? Hell yeah. Id buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.