Frugal Gaming Review | Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Xbox One

I don’t think I've ever played a game that makes me grin quite so much as Garden Warfare- Writes Prided Llama.

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FrugalDaz1486d ago

Love this game, even though I had no expectations of it. It just goes to show a game doesn't have to be massively complex or ground breaking to be fun.

AlbatrossRevue1486d ago

Is it as much fun as the original?

UglyGeezer1486d ago

It's not a Tower Defense game like the original, it's a take of the Team Fortress type shooters

NukaCola1486d ago

Isn't it a wacky TPS like Conker or Ratchet?

UglyGeezer1486d ago

I don't have am Xbox One, but I really do like the sound of this. Colour and fun is really needed back in the shooting genre, hopefully the success of this will see more less 'serious' shooters emerging soon.

PridedLlama1486d ago

I'm sure it's heading to both playstations in the not too distant future. I'm playing this way more than Titanfall and even my other half who hates shooters loves it.

Sparkyuk1486d ago

Had the game a week and its taken over completely from TitanFall - just love the variations between characters!

Stapleface1486d ago

I wish they would let us PC players know a release date. I'm just wondering why it's taking longer to release the game for pc when we don't even get the whole thing (no Boss mode, or local split screen). Origin says Spring, well it's Spring, and we don't even have a release date yet, that I know of. Glad it's getting decent reviews though. Looks like a very fun game, I do wish pc had those XB1 exclusive features though. Boss mode was understandable as an exclusive, but local co op should have been on all versions, as every platform needs more games with split screen available.

PridedLlama1486d ago

Considering British summer time started today I'm surprised to that its not on PC yet, I haven't played local co-op due to only having the one controller but I bet it would be a blast. Boss Mode is pretty crap TBH, Ive played better Facebook games then that, but it is a nice way to feel that your helping out your friend if your taking it in turns using the controller