Final Fantasy’s 8 Triple Triad Card Game Could Be Coming To IOS

The ever popular card game Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8 could be making its way to IOS according to a recent trademark made by Square Enix in the US. Fans have been asking for the card game on a mobile device for ages and it appears that they could be finally getting their wish.

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Snookies121484d ago

If it does, and they leave out 3DS/Vita owners, I'm going to be quite pissed.

NukaCola1484d ago

You'll end up pissed in the end. Square has fallen unfortunately lower than anyone could have ever imagined.

listenkids1483d ago

Because they may release a mini game on the largest potential platform? Ok.

LightSamus1483d ago

Not sure where the iOS assumptions come from.

A new version of Triple Triad with hundreds of cards spanning the entire series could be pretty sweet though.

Simco8761483d ago

This would be cool, but I'm waiting on Hearthstone for mobile.

WilliamH1483d ago

I would rather the chocobo digging game from FF9 tbh. Triple triad could work I suppose but knowing Square Enix they'll charge €15 for it.

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