5 Changes that could make Batman: Arkham Knight the best in the Series

Chris writes "Before we begin let us get my personal bias out of the way. I loved Batman: Arkham Asylum, loathed Arkham City, and did not even bother to play Batman: Arkham Origins. With that in mind, Batman: Arkham Knight has me hopeful. Current-Gen hardware is still something of a mystery in terms of what is possible. Rocksteady can create a living world, full of secrets and joy. They could also create a stark wasteland, full of meaningless collectables and even more meaningless fetch quests.

To that end I have made a list of changes I would love to see happen to the Arkham formula. Given that I am one of the few people that disliked Arkham City, it is likely that most will disagree with these proposed changes. However, if Warner Bros. wants to pull money from me, this is how they could do it.

Ditch the DLC – Arkham Knight was not able to garner excitement for more than two minutes before a preorder bonus was announced. Preorder the game, play as Harley Quinn. This bonus does not even qualify for the “Did they cut this DLC from the main game?” debate. It is (assumingly) being developed alongside the game and then being held tauntingly above your head. This industry depends on preorders, that is understood, but this transgression is a gross one. This is not a bonus, it is a punishment for those who can not, or refuse to, pony up money before a game’s value is even established."

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ThichQuangDuck1574d ago

Multiplayer Coop Bamobiles Confirmzors?!?
Another list website speaking conjecture and generalities for website attention as if they have new information when they don't?!

XtraTrstrL1574d ago

I agree with the BS pre-order bonuses and day 1 $ DLC. I hate that crap. All these companies breaking sections out of games before launch and making it into $ DLC are disgusting. Whenever Crapcom does it they say, "That was created on a separate DLC budget". Yeah, right. They know we have no solid proof against that, so they can use that lame excuse/lie.

I remember games like Soul Calibur giving you insane amounts of content. They gave you extra RPG modes, with tons of weapons, characters, outfits and other collectibles to find.

Those days are long gone now. Ever since Microsoft inserted that seed of $ DLC greed potential into all these devs/pubs hearts. It's rare to get free DLC at all nowadays. It's just going 2 steps further now though with the robbing us of some of our $60, to make us buy that part of the game again, even day 1.

On that topic, COD is getting even worse with their practices. Now they are force advertising new store items in-game. They already were throwing the splash ads on the screen when you log on and you had to x out of it. Now, they actually inbed the new guns/camos/chars/etc into your game, and have a green down arrow for download on them. So, you have to select through them always in-game, even if you don't own or plan to buy them. They even start your selection bar at the bottom in the camos with the new ones when you go into camos, so you have to scroll back to the top. It's f*ckin ridiculous. They haven't fixed the PS4 version's performance yet, I feel sick playing sometimes when the frames are skipping for long periods of time. Yet, they are here force-feeding me horrible generic camos and crap. I wish I could sue them for this. So sick of this series, only got it this time because nothing was out for PS4.

KonsoruMasuta1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

They do it to combat things like used game sales, but they make first day purchasers suffer because of it. If you ask me, they should keep the DLC, but give it away for free with every new copy. That way, they can still make money off of used copies (which developers get no money from), and the people who buy new copies don't get screwed over by this day one DLC crap. They also need to get rid o pre order exclusive content, I hate preordering most games.

I really wish Capcom would do something like this.