inFamous: Second Son: A Screenshot Comparison Between Various Times of the Day

GearNuke: "inFamous: Second Son is truly a gorgeous open world game, unfortunately, it lacks any sort of dynamic day/night cycle. The game shifts its time of the day after some specific story missions, so while we can experience the different times of the day, we can't really fully enjoy them. We decided to see how the world of Seattle in inFamous: Second Son looked during various times of the day, and it also shows us how much work and effort has been gone in making Seattle a lively city during the various different times of the day."

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vongruetz1482d ago

Thanks to the lighting effects on the PS4, I almost want to say that everything looks better at night now. I mean, look at some of the lighting effects from Killzone or inFamous SS and everything done at night is gorgeous.

elninels1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

The neon at night is what gets me every time.

Edit: also I just noticed that delsin's clothes change color based upon karma.

PeaSFor1482d ago

pfffff, downgraded as hell!


minimur121482d ago

the changes were alot more visible in the previous games, where the jeans were same style but different colour along with his skin tone difernt, in SS it's just the jacket logo

morganfell1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Besides the jacket logo, certain crossover powers that work for both good and evil change colors as well.

And those screens are actually poor captures. I am not sure what they were using but those jpgs are degraded. Look at the shots Lukas_Japonicus posted the other day. Now those do look like the game.

Sevir1482d ago

You see the ramifications of the karma more in cutscenes, Delsin's face gets darker, his clothes change to darker colors if he's fully infamous, his tattoos are more demonic looking, and Ofcourse his powers take on the color scheme of red if he's evil and sometimes changes shape. And enemies disintegrate into particles the further up the Evil chain you are when you hit them.

Eddie201011481d ago

Even though these pictures look good the game actually looks even better. There are times when you look at the sun and it blinds realistically, also there is a hazy glow in early morning light, and the neon at night looks gorgeous. all this needs to be seen playing the game to fully appreciate how amazingly good the lighting is.

The lighting is just the tip of the Iceburgh. the amount of detail in the city is extremely high, lots of building detail, lots of foliage in the parks, lots of detail in indoor areas, the cars look good, lots of people on the steets along with DUP enemies. All of it without a noticeable low rez texture. The facial animations are amazing too, probably the best I have seen in a game.

Sucker punch did an amazing job making a next gen game

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XiNarutoUzumaki1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Somehow Sucker Punch managed to give us beautiful, stunning, and well-detailed graphics while keeping the gameplay over 30FPS and fun to play...

Man, if this is Second Son with the new hardware, i can only imagine how the sequel(s) will be once they learn more about the PS4 and use its full power.'s so good

MysticStrummer1482d ago

Best looking current gen game so far, and an open world at that.

Impressive stuff.

Sarcasm1482d ago


Everything is so clean, and the amount of effects and detail is absolutely mind blowing especially for an open world game.

And it's a year one title at that. Who knows what we'll see down the line. O_O

elninels1481d ago

Guys I really do enjoy this game, im on my evil play through. However I have to nitpick. The puddles are beautiful, but I can't step in them. I can step on them but not in them.

No_Limit1482d ago

The lighting is the main thing that stands out in this game for me. It is so beautiful and lifelike. I would like to see what Sucker Punch can do with the next version.

ramiuk11482d ago

the lighting,reflections,bloom etc are the best i ever seen in a game.
while those screen shots look nice ,in motion its gorgeous beyond belief .

running through city at dusk with neon is mindblowing,round or up and over the buildings and not a stutter,just perfectly smooth.

infact im gonna do it right now lol.

Niv1482d ago

sucker punch barely had time and the target hardware spec was very low. Imagine we'll have a future benchmark with another ps4 title

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