ActRaiser - City Building Action Adventure For SNES

ActRaiser is part platforming action and part city building simulation. The combination of two extremely differing gaming genres makes for an incredibly unique experience.

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maniacmayhem1453d ago

If ever there was a game that needed a remake, reboot,'s this game right here. One of the best games ever for the SNES, hands down.

Geobros1453d ago

Totally agree....that game was epic. Unfortunately his sequel was very bad or very different.

Baka-akaB1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

The sequel was actually awesome and insanely beautiful back then . It just sadly ditched the "populous" part to become a full on action platform game , but a much better one .

Otherwise yeah , the first actraiser in the most capable hands would be the perfect concept for next gen consoles .

It's one of the game i dream the most to see rebooted or back , alongside Gargoyles quest / Demon's Crest

Drithe1452d ago

I play this game on my Wii U. :)

godofboobees1452d ago

Filmore is the greatest opening soundtrack ever!!

dboyman1452d ago

I agree. Should have been used as final battle music instead

XtraTrstrL1452d ago

I had this game. Definitely a classic.

gano1452d ago

is this classics week?
Yu damn right this game was awesome.
originality of 90s.
Bring my boy biyou billy in.

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