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April's Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup Revealed

GearNuke: "It appears that Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to get Hitman: Absolution for free as part of the Xbox Live Games With Gold program. The game will be available to the users starting from 1st April." (Hitman: Absolution, Xbox 360)

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DiRtY  +   523d ago
Haven't played it. Is it any good?

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dansdooz  +   523d ago
its awesome!!!
ZodTheRipper  +   523d ago
It's awesome because it's free but tbh it's a boring game... the worst Hitman yet (only the movie is even worse lol)
thorstein  +   523d ago
"this program is only available for Xbox 360 users, but Phil Spencer ensures that Xbox One will be getting Games with Gold ‘fairly soon’."

When and what are they going to offer?
Eonjay  +   523d ago
This is miles ahead of their previous offering. Not exactly on par with the PS3 offering of three fairly recent games, but an improvement is an improvement and that should be acknowledged.
Neixus  +   523d ago
@Thorstein, don't expect anything else than indie games. Both sony and microsoft can't afford to release a AAA game for free yet on ps4/xbone
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andrewsqual  +   523d ago
@Eonjay You mean like the 8 games this month across PS4, PS3 and Vita? :)
Correct, its "not exactly on par" :) Hitman is a great game though.
@Neixus People I know seem to be 100% sure the first one will be Ryse but don't know where they got that from.
xHeavYx  +   523d ago
$10 that Forza 5 will be the first X1 free game
Kingthrash360  +   523d ago
i liked it...happy to see ms finally give something thats fairly recent..nice.
jetlian  +   522d ago
crimson dragon,ryse, loco most likely first, also fighter within

I like this hitman more controlled plus it wads funny
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Ritsujun  +   522d ago
Poor dr0nies.
MazzingerZ  +   522d ago
Hitman is a great game and free even better. I thought games with gold was also offered on X1 as part of the service...what do you pay XBL gold on X1 for?
abzdine  +   522d ago
i read it like "April's fool xbox live games with gold lineup revealed"

they're making progress from Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3.
We got it with PS+ a year ago and i didn't like it.
nunley33  +   522d ago
I enjoyed the game and got it's platunum even. This is only after ps plus got this game nearly a year ago but better late than never,that should be the games with gold slogan (looks at civilization).
hiredhelp  +   522d ago
This whole rails thing kinda boring.
Look i loved blood money same as i liked contracts ect but absolution wasnt much differnt. It too also great game look at vids below.
http://m.youtube.com/watch?... Blood money

http://m.youtube.com/watch?... absolution
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gaffyh  +   522d ago
Honestly, I agree with zod18. It is easily the worst Hitman game, as it is so boring, and is the only Hitman game I didn't finish. But still, it is newish which is good for XBLG.
BLAKHOODe  +   522d ago
It is awesome, but it's like the Justin Bieber of Hitman games. Talented musician who sells a lot of music, but generally hated compared to others, because that's the cool thing to do.

That said, as awesome as it is, it is legit not as good as Hitman: Blood Money.
2pacalypsenow  +   523d ago
really good , but diferent from other Hitman games .
Blood money is still the best
ramiuk1  +   523d ago
its a good game but i feel its too mcuh on rails in comparison to other ones.
zeusky  +   522d ago
agreed. good but different.

Lukas_Japonicus  +   523d ago
Wow, this is actually pretty good! GWG is stepping it's game up.

And yeah, i really enjoyed this one, not as good as the old Hitman games, but still good.
Back-to-Back  +   523d ago
"GWG is stepping it's game up."

One decent month doesnt make up years of trash offerings.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   523d ago
@back to back

Calm down, i didn't say it was matching PS plus...keep your hair on.

There's no denying that compared to what we have previously had with GWG, this is a step up.
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NobleTeam360  +   522d ago
@Back to Back, Years of trash offerings? GWG hasn't even been up for a year yet lol.
nunley33  +   522d ago
Yeah this is a step up,it's a good game. I recently bought those old hitman hd games through the psn store,blood money is great.
IanVanCheese  +   523d ago
Not a bad game, but it's a bad hitman game. Far to much plot driven stuff, far to little assassinating people.
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WalterWJR  +   523d ago | Well said
April fools
fossilfern  +   523d ago
Its terrible if you ask me but its free so you cant argue.
Edvin1984  +   523d ago
I enjoyed it, but like any game its not perfect and it has issues here and there. However, its a killer game no pun intended. Also, being free makes it pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I might get it, as I ve only played it on PC would be nice of the couch.
3-4-5  +   523d ago
*If Microsoft had any clue about what the heck they were doing they would have Remade Crimson Skies in HD & had it shipped Free, physical copy, with each XB1.

* The problem at Microsoft, is the people who know what to do, aren't in high enough positions for their opinions to matter.

* Those at Microsoft who call the shots, don't know squat about anything other than SPENDING MONEY & copy other people's ideas.

That Corporate BS bleeds through into the gaming division of the company, because it's controlled by the BS.

* When those at Microsoft actually deferred to the people who play games, things were really well.

Once the corporate Shysters got wind of how much money was to be made, they wanted to control that money flow.

They don't care about us or games or anything other than gaining as much control as possible of their money flow.

* At that level in America, it's about control control control control.

It's perverted really.

* I'm saying this as somebody who has been with Xbox since the beginning but now I can't support them.
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SliceOfTruth888  +   523d ago
You were never "with" Microsoft...you bought a console
BakPAin  +   523d ago
Good,so why cant you move on and let the ones still enjoying the platform to deal with it! Because no one really care if you support them or not!!
TyBREAKR  +   522d ago
You have no grasp on how a business works do you? Those in charge do not make choices blindly. Companies research and test every product and service. On top of that, many companies promote creativity among employees to generate new business ideas. Its a win win for employee and company. Do not be so blind and arrogant.
GameSpawn  +   522d ago
"You have no grasp on how a business works do you? Those in charge do not make choices blindly. Companies research and test every product and service. On top of that, many companies promote creativity among employees to generate new business ideas. Its a win win for employee and company. Do not be so blind and arrogant."

You just described Google, NOT Microsoft. Microsoft makes more assumptions about their market than many of other the top 10 most profitable companies. Microsoft has been known to tell people what the want rather than listen and use their monopolistic position to drive this home because the consumer has no other choice.

Microsoft's monopolistic bullying however is starting to loose its effectiveness because Microsoft is loosing their monopoly on many markets. Between Google, Apple, and the PlayStation brand many of Microsoft's brands are loosing ground to the three companies' innovations and successes in their respective markets.

The ONLY product still raking in money is Office and to some degree Windows and ONLY because of the massive corporate and educational dependence on each of these products, more specifically Office. Office is the only product Microsoft makes that has no good alternative to compete against it.
cellur111  +   523d ago
I loved it, it was a fun game. Other people seem to think it was one of the worst hitman games though.
Baccra17  +   523d ago
It's crap. Want a good Hitman, go play Blood Money.
Cueil  +   523d ago
yes... agree, but if it was blood money people would bitch about it being old
Matt666  +   522d ago
It's not crap, I don't know why people say it is, they must find it to difficult or something.
NewZealander  +   523d ago
Its awesome, sadly i bought it in a sale not long ago, had so much fun!
NewZealander  +   523d ago
i havnt seen anything to officially back this up.....a cruel april 1st joke maybe? ohhh people will be gutted when they announce the real game is duke nukem :p
Beastforlifenoob  +   522d ago
Hitman absolution is $6.24 on steam and $12.99 on xbox360....
marloc_x  +   522d ago
*slow clap for noob..*
marloc_x  +   522d ago
Oh, your CAP lock key is still buggy troll..
N2NOther  +   522d ago
Very. I've played all the Hitman games save for the first one and it's a really good entry. Contracts mode is awesome.
Dudebro90  +   523d ago
Sweet. Never got a chance to play this game.
Exies7  +   523d ago
First GWG title I've wanted to play.
Hicken  +   523d ago
Not bad. And not five years old, for a change.
ambivalentFRYER  +   523d ago
They recently gave away the excellent Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on XBLA. Was that 5 years old too???
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nunley33  +   522d ago
You got him there, lara croft and the guardian of light is only 4 years old lol. It's good thoughi bought it long ago and plus got it like 2 years ago or so but well after i bought it.
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Team_Litt  +   523d ago
Fable 3 wasn't 5 years old, neither was Dead Island or Tomb Taider GoL or Dead Island Riptide (RSA) or Sleeping Dogs or Toy Soldiers or Shoot Many Robots or Iron Brigade or World of Keflings or Dead Rising 2 or Clash of Heroes

In fact only 6 out of 23 games so far were 5 years old when they became part of GwG.
So this isn't really a "change" from being 5 years old, it is the 74% norm.
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Team_Litt  +   522d ago
I see disagrees but no rebuttals to the contrary.
TearsOfARapper  +   522d ago
I have a PS4 (still a 360 though), and you have so many downvotes because our fans suck and can't stand to be proven wrong with facts.
KonsoruMasuta  +   523d ago
Haven't played this one. I'll check it out.
isa_scout  +   523d ago
I reall hope they bring the GWG program to the Xbox One...I'd like Peggle 2 and Spartan Assault free please.
nunley33  +   522d ago
Expect killer instinct to be free then they'll push everyone to get the DLC.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   523d ago
So i've heard you like to keep your games forever? Let's see for how long you will keep this game. It's good, but not as good as the Past Hitman games. No worth kepping it after finishing it. Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time is better imo.
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GearSkiN  +   523d ago
It's free why wouldn't be worth it
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   523d ago
Not worth the time spent maybe? I know I have like 10-15 games in queue at the moment and I wouldn't put a bad game in this queue even if it was free. That's just me though.

Edit: I'm not saying Absolution is bad though. It actually looked good IMO but I've never played Hitman before so I kind of don't have an opinion on it yet.
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GearSkiN  +   523d ago
well i am gamer i and i play even the worst game out there, and sometimes those game are actually good in my opinion, either way another game to fill up my hardrive sounds good to me.
cellur111  +   523d ago
No games are worth keeping after finishing, how can you play the same exact game again? It's not going to be any different and you already know how it ends.
listenkids  +   523d ago
Why watch a film more than once?
Hicken  +   523d ago
I take it you never watch shows or listen to a sing more than once, then.

Me, I go back to watch, read, play, or listen to every sort of media I enjoy. I still bring out my SNES from time to time, so unfortunately I don't share your view.
GearSkiN  +   523d ago
i dont know if youre aware but theres people out there that likes to collect games..

yea i know i bet its a total mindF*** to you right now.
Bigpappy  +   523d ago
I am kind of with you on that. I almost never replay games and same with Watching movies
Cueil  +   523d ago
there is at LEAST 2 ways to do everything... many times there are 5 or more ways to accomplish a goal
bloodybutcher  +   522d ago
yeah, same goes for movies, tv shows, songs, books and sex
Rimeskeem  +   523d ago
Wasn't this game free on ps+ like 6 months ago
Philoctetes  +   523d ago
Yep. I downloaded it but never got around to playing it. Now that I've moved on to the PS4, I probably never will.
Erudito87  +   523d ago
yep along with a myriad of other aaa titles since
Dread  +   523d ago
With xbox live you can keep it.

BIg difference from the ps plus rental service, but i am sure u already knew that.
Dirtnapstor  +   523d ago
Enough with the "Rental service" please. The only way to acquire GWG games is to be subscribed to Gold. Same difference. Why would you not be a Gold member if you own an Xbox (assuming that's all you play)...not much you can do without being one.
Therefore being an indefinite Plus/Gold member to whichever platform you want makes sense; the rental claim is a non-point.

Hitman is an excellent game!
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Philoctetes  +   523d ago
Is Titanfall a "rental?" If not, please explain why it's different from a PS+ title.
StealthPandemic  +   523d ago
@Philoctetes, Titanfall is a game, PS Plus is a service?
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   523d ago
Except the games are usually much better on PS+. They may just be rental but you'll keep it so long as you're a PS+ member and I don't see any reason to unsubscribe.

Edit: @StealthPandemic
He said PS+ title, not the service.
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RosweeSon  +   523d ago
Another difference for you likelyhood of cancelling ps+ when the free games are this good... Minimal, xbox live on the otherhamd uh already cancelled and won't be renewing anytime soon, so the argument is wasted sure if you stop renewing ps+ you'll no longer get to play your games, who in there right mind is gonna stop ps+ when the games they give out month after month are pretty fantastic, exceptional when compared to microsoft's offerings, sure you get to keep the games but 90% of these games are debate able as to if I even want it on my hard drive taking up space let alone my time to actually play them, the games are awful hence why it's gears 1 and crackdown 1 and now the worst hitman of all, how about crackdown 2 for free or gears of war 3 or 2 even think I'll still with ps+ and as it's never gonna cancelled as it stands I get to "keep" all my games anyway, and either way by the time I've finished them there's normally a sequel or better alternative out so delete and download the new games.... Priceless!
barb_wire  +   523d ago
Tell that to Xbox silver account holders (and there are many of them) how they feel about the "FREE" games..
ABeastNamedTariq  +   523d ago
Why so catty lol
Edward75  +   523d ago
@ dirtnaps

When and if you stop paying for gold, you keep it. It's yours.

Same game on ps+, when and if you stop paying for it! you can't keep it! it's not yours.

I do think PS+ is a better deal! but it doesn't make the game yours to keep forever on your HD to play.
LogicStomper  +   523d ago

It's definitely true that for both, you have to subscribe to get the games.

"Why would you not be a Gold member if you own an Xbox (assuming that's all you play)...not much you can do without being one.
Therefore being an indefinite Plus/Gold member to whichever platform you want makes sense; the rental claim is a non-point. "

So the big assumption for your argument here is that people don't unsubscribe for PS+ and Xbox Live. Well I've actually unsubscribed from Xbox Live for the time being because of uni, so being able to play these GWG games does in face make a different and hence, is a point.


Don't move the goal posts. The comparison is between GWG and PS+, not PS+ and multiplayer-only titles.
DigitalRaptor  +   523d ago
The question is... do you really think Microsoft are going to offer the same number, density, quality of titles every single month as PS+ does and let you keep them?

Sorry, but nope. If Microsoft were okay about this and had no reservations, they would have been owning the value of PS+ years ago. Crimson Dragon and Lococycle would have been free of charge to Gold members at launch.
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BakPAin  +   523d ago

Actually no its not the same! PS+ members would always have to pay to keep the free games. Where as if your Xbox Live gold expired the games are still yours! PS+ games become Demos til you subscribe again! Also the one downside to Xbox tho is that if your were to sell the system you ddl your games to, you would need Xbox Live gold to re-ddl and play again!


For one Titanfall is $60 and not free! But yes, you always need XBL gold to play it, which makes it no different than needing PS+ for the free games! Fair enough!
Flutterby  +   523d ago
The problem you xbone fans are all missing is the games you get on gold aren't worth keeping in the first place.
Philoctetes  +   523d ago

What happens to Titanfall when your Live subscription runs out?
AceBlazer13  +   522d ago
Yh sorta like titanfall, the moment you stop pay for gold it becomes useless.
farhad2k8  +   523d ago
Almost a year ago, May 2013 for EU and August for US.
GWG are way behind.
Mr Pumblechook  +   523d ago
For gamers who only have a 360 this is good. For multi console owners this is a slap in the face as it was given away on PS+ a year ago.

I have both platforms and would like Microsoft to offer me a AAA game that hasn't already been given away to me free on PS+. Speaking for myself Xbox Live is quickly becoming redundant and I can't see myself renewing my subscription.
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ambivalentFRYER  +   523d ago
"I have both platforms and would like Microsoft to offer me a AAA game that hasn't already been given away to me free on PS+. Speaking for myself Xbox Live is quickly becoming redundant and I can't see myself renewing my subscription."

Halo 3 was give away too. It fits your criteria of being AAA and not on PS+...
Major_Glitch  +   522d ago
@ambivelent Halo 3?! That's the best XBL has to offer?! Oh that's it! Cancelling my subscription NOW! (I'm being serious) XBL HAS NOTHING TO OFFER. The fact that I've paid for this service for this long kinda pissess me off. Oh well...the money I'm saving will be better spent on my Hulu Plus subscription.
Mr Pumblechook  +   522d ago
@ambivalentFryer Are you having a laugh or just trying to get a reaction? Halo 3 is a great game but it is also SEVEN years old. Gears of War also great but came out a year earlier! The thing is the offered games should be relatively recent.
Cueil  +   523d ago
yep... was for rent on PS+
MasterCornholio  +   523d ago
I got this game for free with plus. And its excellent.

Enjoy it.

No_Limit  +   523d ago
Yuppie, great game. Never play it and heard it is a good game so definitely going to check it out. The good thing is once downloaded, it is on my X360 HDD and my account forever.
Hicken  +   523d ago
Still taking those little shots, eh? Just can't help yourself.
BakPAin  +   523d ago
As if Xbox fans havent taken enough shots over getting FREE games! Im ok with them taking a few shots at PS fans!

Act like you haven't taken your shots before! Its the same bs arguement! You rent yours, I keep mine. Your are old, mine are new, you suck, you too. Its a never ending cycle!

I wonder when GFG actually start giving away newer games what ps fans gonna say then! Because remember Xbox fans get to keep theirs!
Flutterby  +   523d ago
Games with gold won't ever be giving away new games so who cares? Most people trade in their old games not keep them on the hard drives so having civ revolution forever isn't a plus or even hit man which isn't that fun to play once you have beaten it once.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   523d ago
Is that a shot at PS+? Cause my PS+ games are on my HDD and account forever. They're only deactivated if I cancel my plus sub but once reactivated I still have access to all of them.
No_Limit  +   523d ago
When did I mention PS3 or PS+ in my statement? This is a article about Free games for Gold Live and my statement pertains to Xbox owners and consoles which is 100% fact. If you guys don't own a XBox or have Gold, then why does it upset you guys so much or why you are even here in the first place.

Seriously, that is how the Free Gold games work on X360. If you own one, you would know.

Here are the steps:

1. Log-in to your Gold Xbox Live account on X360 or Xbox.com

2. Find the Free Gold game for the period.

3. Hit the "Free" button and that is it. It is attached to your account forever, even if your Live subscription runs out.

For your info, I also have PSN+ and a PS4.
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MasterCornholio  +   523d ago
Its the same situation for me as well. Plus is so good that I'll never stop paying it which means that I get to play my games forever.
RosweeSon  +   523d ago
Until Microsoft do an apple and change their own rules.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   523d ago
You haven't mentioned PS+ but it sure seemed like you went out of your way to mention that you keep it forever.

And you're right I never downloaded a GWG game since I don't own a 360 anymore.

As for why I'm here well I like to check out what happens on the 360 and the 1 if they have anything cool going on.
LogicStomper  +   523d ago
He alludes to the difference (which everyone knows) to try troll. He doesn't mention it, but just from reading you can clearly see what he's trying to do. Sort of like this (Can't be bothered researching the actual facts, so the numbers are just for arguments sake):

"BF is a great series. Remember though, on PS4 you get to play it at 900p 60fps."
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ltachiUchiha  +   522d ago
Pretty cool, we got this like 6 months ago & it was ok, not good enough to keep on my hdd but tombraider was definitely a keeper. I bought it but returned it to buy another game. Glad we got it free for ps plus. Enjoy Hitman.
Illusive_Man  +   523d ago
Great title.
NeloAnjelo  +   523d ago
Although on plus 6 mths ago, if this trend continues then it's good for eveyone. Competition is great and benefits us all
Angerfist  +   523d ago
Great. I'm only missing 2 achievements but traded it in some time ago. Now is the time to get it
maniacmayhem  +   523d ago
MS starting to step it up. Good, that last offering was a bad joke.
josephayal  +   523d ago
Definitely an April Fool's prank
anesthesique  +   523d ago
Bad Hitman game, its full of scripted events and every mission is divided into 3 small sandboxes, instead of a huge one like it had been in every game. But hey if someone hasn't played it, its free.

I want to see Games With Gold coming to X1. Granted, like with PSN Plus it will take sometime cause there are hardly any games to give out yet, but come on its been almost 6 months. At least offer something else.
RosweeSon  +   523d ago
Ps+ is like Netflix for games where's games for gold is more like the adverts at the start of youtube videos just time wasting and a pain in the ass. No one wants the launch games from 360 7 years after they launched let alone all the games the have dived in the last 12-18 months. I can't believe this is pleasing to some people, sure if your a fan of the series or what not but when don't are giving away Uncharted 3! Yes the latest one, not to mention uncharted on vita and gravity rush, arguably the top exclusive games they have on their systems yet they are giving them away, sure xbox are giving you free games but it's likely the bargain bucket of gaming, if you happy paying money for tat fair enough but when sony are giving away free copies of tomb raider!! No not the original playstation but one of the top 5 games of last year and xbox people are getting hitman, wow I'm glad I'm not but if I was still in the xbox camp I would not be happy with the tripe that is being gifted each month, they can barely sell it so yeah well give it away, whereas sony seem to go what is the best game we could do for free... Yeah go on then, cheers Sony! I always own all nintendo systems so fanboy doesn't even come into it but seriously Microsoft have got there seriously biased fans but all you sat on the fence should be ashamed don't except substandard services, Run!! It will not change until it has to, I.e people are flocking in the masses from microsoft, I've done so I'm the last 6 months or so, although still finishing off my xbox 360 games but luckily I'm nearing the end what with absolutely nothing out on xbox 360 that isn't available and most likely better on other systems. Whereas I bought a ps3 whilst I waited for ps4 problem is my ps4 is sat there waiting for the end of summer and my ps3 backlog just gets bigger and bigger and better, thanks ps+ ;) and all for less than netflix a month £5/6.. A.k.a a bloody bargain!
BakPAin  +   523d ago
All that typing for nothing! Didnt even bother reading past first couple sentences! But yeah im just gonna disagree to agree, LOL....
CaptDnaDonut  +   523d ago
https://www.youtube.com/wat... about sums it up.
RosweeSon  +   523d ago
Well the fact sony do 2 If not 3 FREE games over 3 different systems (so looking at nearly 8-10 free games a month over ps3/4 and vita whereas xbox do 1-2 a month and it's like it or lump it, the speed of which these are being released you'll prob get Kameo for free for Christmas and gears 2 for chrimbo 2015! Something to look forward to I suppose? Whereas sony will likely have GTA 5 on plus for Christmas this year, Microsoft yea you get to keep them but the speed of which these games are coming and the quality of which they are lacking it's gonna be a long LONG time before I go man xbox Players get to keep them games, jealous, nah cos there all so seriously outdated by the time they are free it's practically pointless, by the time the free games are good on xbox 360 it'll be dead in the water as 80% of people would have moved on to bigger and better things, there not even offering free games on Xbox one at the moment after promising this would likely start in 2014 well were in april now that's a 3rd of the year gone and still no sign, yet by the time they do (end of the summer) they'll be giving free copies of dead rising 3 wow! Great for 1st time buyers but all you launch lot gonna be happy with that, games for gold is weeeeak!!! And needs to be double up on the freebies and hurried up on the release years of the games nobody wants perfect dark zero for free... Your gonna get it at some point no doubt tho, not like it'll be a free copy of halo 4!

Ps+ all day every day the fact it's pretty much essential on ps4 dumps all over the you don't get to keep them on Sony consoles, well on Xbox one you don't even get then yet sony's been doing 2 (admittedly now 1 a month) but still that's one more a month than Xbox one and over 4 months in looking at £50-60 worth of free games and xbox one gets, well yeah lot a lot free to play doesn't count I could have listed a fair few already on ps4 to the point you literally don't need to buy games which you could have done with the money you saved on buying a ps4 over an xbox one but hey ho competition is good just not when it's so one sided ;)
JBSleek  +   522d ago
Your comment fully disregards that PS+ is a rental service for games they aren't free while Games with Gold actually gives games away for free. Just saying.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   523d ago
Ayeee they're stepping up.
Bundi  +   523d ago
I didn't know so many people were interested in Games with Gold. So many ps fans here talking about their rental program even when nobody said anything about it.

Hey Hicks.
kingPoS  +   523d ago
I tried Hitman Absolution... it wasn't my thing, I did however enjoy the Zen 2 pinball tables I got. I even stuck around with BF3 for a while.

Gateway MT6706 2008
MajorGecko  +   523d ago
unit 13 and monster hunter freedom unite free on ps vita and now hitman for free, its awesome having gold and psn at the same time :D
LogicStomper  +   523d ago
You lucky thing! So how many games (on average) do you get for free every month?
MajorGecko  +   523d ago
i got 3 free vita games and 2 free xbox games this month, but usually i get 3-4 free games this month sony has given out 3 games on vita and it looks like next month they are adding another 3 games :D
BakPAin  +   523d ago
There you go! Enjoy it man..
Having both is the best option!
CaulkSlap  +   523d ago
Not a bad game but man does XBL games with gold suck compared with PS+. I mean this game has been a regular sale on Steam for a long time.
iistuii  +   523d ago
Aprils XBL game giveaway
Filled with people talking about PS+
Welcome to N4G's
xJumpManx  +   523d ago
Remember the first rule of Sony Fanboyism. We might not love our console but we SHALL HATE YOURS.
bloodybutcher  +   522d ago
that applies to fanboyism in general, don't behave like it is just onesided retardation
ot: it's not as bad of a game as some ppl make it out to be, but it's the weakest of the series. it has few ok missions, but overall disappoints.shame really.
#24.1.1 (Edited 522d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
cfc78  +   523d ago
Brought this game on release and never played it so this isn't bad for me.
Aon  +   523d ago
Hitman is awesome game. I will come back to it many time:)
rxl209  +   523d ago
games with gold is a complete disaster at this point
LogicStomper  +   522d ago
Giving subscribers free games is a disaster? Ok.
xx4xx  +   523d ago
While I'll check out Hitman this month, the GWG program has got to step up.

The PS+ program has been great- even if they are rentals. Bioshock Infinite an Tomb Raider are really good, newer games t get have offered.

I'm really hoping that this year's E3 will be when they announce the GWG upgrade and expand it to the X1.
Imalwaysright  +   523d ago
It is by far the worst Hitman (got bored with it after 3 or 4 hours) but it seems that MS is starting to improve their service by giving more recent games and that can only be a good thing if they keep it up.
#29 (Edited 523d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Petebloodyonion  +   523d ago
I just find Funny that Hitman Absolution was so Awesome when it was free on ps+ but suddenly it's becoming a average to meh game one GWG.

Personally I loved the game (had on ps3) Contract mode was great and loved the way you replay the Level by trying new options.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   522d ago
it was considered "good" when it was free on psn because it was new at the time. it was still never as good as the older hitman games though.
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