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Digital Foundry takes a look at Sony's official surround sound solution for PS3, PS4 and Vita.

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SWayne1426d ago

I own a pair of these headphones and surpassed my expectations. Great value for the price and gives you what you need for basic solid surround sound.

I put these as far as good sound/great value up there with the Klipsch S4s

Hatsune-Miku1426d ago

These headsets are amazing. 10/10 from me. I approve

AliTheSnake11426d ago

These are the same headset as the sony gold right ? They seem to have a different name in Europe.

Baka-akaB1426d ago

Yeah those are the same

ZodTheRipper1426d ago

I use these everyday and there is nothing I would change about them ...exceptional value for this price.

3-4-51426d ago

How do they feel ?

Are they the kind that push into your head, or do they feel like they are barley there.

* Even some of the most expensive kinds of headphones aren't that comfortable to wear, and comfort over long gaming sessions is of huge importance to me.

minimur121426d ago

they're pretty tight, but they're fine. I can wear them for hours and not have any problems. the VSS is brilliant though, on infamous when you hear someone calling for help on the floor you can hear what direction it is in without even looking at the mini map and see him, it's amazing :)

but they are pretty comfortbable, the earcuffs bend in so theres more room for your ears at the back than the front, I writ a review with plenty of pictures of it, give it a read :)

Baka-akaB1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

The cushion are more comfortable than the pulse elite's if you wonder . They put less pressure on your ears .

GribbleGrunger1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Will people please stop using the report section as a comments section, it's getting really annoying.

On topic: Not a sterling review but still decent.

BABY-JEDI1426d ago

The reviews not sterling but the headset is
; )

GribbleGrunger1426d ago

Yes, I've heard very good things about the headset from friends and forum users (not that they're necessarily mutually exclusive!) If I had the money, I'd definitely buy one.

Baka-akaB1426d ago

Those are definitively good gaming headset . Basically the Elite without the bass impact rumble (wich was received with mixed feelings , and with various degrees of effectiveness depending on the game) BUT with a much better Batterie , and a more solid and less shiny design .

Holeran1426d ago

I like my Elite set but the battery longevity is absolutely horrendous. The rumble feature is at best decent also. I like the sound better than my standard set that came out before the Elite but the standard set has much longer battery life. I won't be getting the PS4 set since I have the 2 first sets already though.

Baka-akaB1426d ago

You should still switch to the gold set imo , or the rumored platinum someday . Even the original pulse had a bad battery , only better than the elite drained too much by the bass impact .

The gold got the sound quality of the elite , more features than the standard set, and still the best battery out of the three .

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Meltic1426d ago

all i can say i love them.

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