Second Son becomes Best Selling and Worst Received Infamous Title to Date

Article examines the disparity between Second Sons commercial and critical performance with reference to performance of previous games in the series, and previous games produced by Sucker Punch Productions.

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Nightfallen1692d ago

Yet it is my favorite of the three and I've platinumed them all. I love this game, just needs more to do after finishing it, which is why I'm excited for these Paper Trails.

ChronoJoe1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

It's my favorite too. I think it perhaps has less content than the other games, like you say - however the gameplay is so much better in my opinion, and that's really what matters to me.

NewMonday1692d ago

I think it is the effect of tLoU, that game has set the bar higher for everyone else.

ChronoJoe1692d ago

tLoU is a very different sort of game, with a focus on story telling and cinematics only enabled by its linear nature. In regards to pure gameplay, I get much more enjoyment from Second Son than The Last of Us.

It also doesn't explain why ports of last gen games such as Black Flag, were received better than Second Son. I think critics were likely just expecting too much from this one. In my eyes the game delivered, perhaps not as good as it could have been, but its a huge improvement on previous series entries in almost every regard.

nerdman671692d ago

@NewMonday The bar for graphics has been set, gameplaywise SS hasnt done anything special. It is a great game, but not amazing or anything

hay1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

How does that mean it's worst received?
It's good old Infamous with awesome visuals. People were expecting impossible, judging the game not for what it is, but for what it wasn't. And it wasn't Holy Grail of PS4, but another very good Infamous.

One has to know and understand statistics in order to properly interpret it... This isn't a matter of x > y, it's not pre-school math level.

Being a fan of Infamous, Second Son is better than 2, but I had more fun with 1st(teh twist was beautiful!).

NewMonday1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


I mean tLoU set the bar for expectations, that's why reviwers are becoming harsh.

linkenski1692d ago

@NewMonday... this again..? I was one of the millions who preordered that game and played it day 1. It was fantastic all right but the only thing that made it impressive was how it took a combination of great narrative, great gameplay and great acting and made it all feel very seamless. It is in no way a Citizen Kane of videogames or whatever else you may hear of hyperbole around the internets.

Gameplay wise in itself it did nothing out of the ordinary, or at least, nothing I hadn't seen before.

kneon1692d ago

The game play improved but I find the story is weaker.

I also find playing the evil side doesn't really work. Reggie wouldn't be so easy going about Delsin's murderous rampages, it just feels so fake that he doesn't come down hard on him for his actions.

But I understand that such a drastic change in Reggie's attitude towards Delsin would require that the evil side of the story be quite different from the good story, and that's just too much work.

Patrick_pk441692d ago

@nerdman67 "It is a great game, but not amazing or anything". The same could be said for COD, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Titanfall, et cetera. Why did they receive high reviews when they are a steaming pile of shit that I regret buying? Second Son at least gave me more enjoyment the first hour in then all those four. Reviewer are biased or expect to much from next-gen.

UnHoly_One1691d ago

I'm absolutely shocked that anyone... ANYONE... Would think this is the best of the three inFAMOUS games.

I love inFAMOUS. They are my favorite PS3 games by a mile. And this game, while 'good', is nowhere near as good as the first two games were.

In terms of story and the main character, Cole was just flat-out a better hero. He had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He didn't want to be the hero, but he knew that nobody else could do it. Delsin's story is just about a punk kid that wants to get revenge and help a few of his friends.

Side characters... Maybe some people don't like Zeke, that's fine. (I love him). But if you are going to tell me that Fetch and Eugene (and all the 5 minutes you interact with them) are better than Nix and Kuo, I just can't believe that.

Even the powers aren't as good. What's destructive about smoke and neon??? And the third power is just silly. Cole's power was destructive. It looked destructive. When you hit a fence or a car, electricity crackled all around it, crap exploded everywhere, and it was awesome. Delsin's powers are just so... weak, for lack of a better word.

The side missions were terrible... I mean seriously, a 3 second mission where you look over your shoulder and shoot a camera that is supposed to be hidden but is actually in plain site? What happened to the missions where a citizen asks for help? I realize that some of those repeated throughout the games as well, but Second Son literally only had the 3 mission types repeated ad nauseam throughout the game. Hidden camera, hidden audio log, and secret agent.

I don't mean to rant, and I don't mean to sound like I hate the game, because I didn't. It was still inFAMOUS and I still liked it. But it was a far cry from the quality of the first two games, in every way except the visuals. I think you guys are looking through rose colored glasses and giving it more credit than it deserves. Go back and play the first or second game and tell me then which one was the best.

It's just my opinion, and you are all entitled to yours as well. I'm not going to tell you that you are WRONG, but I'm REALLY, REALLY shocked that anyone is saying this one is the best.

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ArchangelMike1692d ago

yeah it's definately my favourite Infamous game. I also platinumed the other 2. I much prefer Delsin as a character to Cole.

p.s. It can't be the worst received game if it is the best selling game of the series. An 8.0 average is an 'A' btw.

R1CAN6171692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

But you also have to remember that the PS4 currently is a little short on not just Exclusives but games in general so most of the sales are probably do to people buying it to have something new to play or try out not that im complaining cause im having a blast with my PS4 & i feel like I made the right choice in becoming a early adopter.

yeahokchief1692d ago

I don't know why you have so many disagrees.

It is an A. You have to take into acccount the reviewers that give scores like 4/5 when the game just wasn't perfect enough for the 5th star.

avengers19781692d ago

I loved all 3 infamous games, and I hope more come out.
Differnt cities, different powers, different characters, or even bringing back Delsin, I'm on board.
Enjoyed the Delsin character but I also liked cole.

Infamous New York with a female lead
Infamous in Tokyo
Infamous in Russia
Infamous where you are in the military
Anything as long as there's more infamous with awesome powers

mogwaii1692d ago

Needs a longer main story and content. GTAV was far more compelling to replay. Great effort graphics wise and shows the potential of the system.

psman0121692d ago

Personal opinion. The reason I think it got lower scores is because people assumed it would be MINDBLOWING because it's on PS4, when really it's just a really good game. I'm not saying it's bad, but overhyping can cause lower scores. I look forward to getting it.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1692d ago

True. All there is to do after you beat the game is run around terrorizing people. But Second Son is the best. Working on platinum now.

What I would like in a sequel.

-Same character.
-Ability to use multiple power sets at once. Because his powers are basically classified into offensive, defensive and traversal, you could set one power set to each class.
-Add more powers of course and give them distinctive qualities. Like instead of having to drain from a source some powers could just recharge over time like wind or eye lasers.

Just some things to consider.

zerog1691d ago

I would like to see it set up where you could just drain power from all sources and then flip through them with the d-pad or something. Like "oh no I'm running low on neon and there's nothing to drain nearby" no problem (presses right) now I have smoke that's fully charged because I've not used any of it yet.

Sevir1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

An 80 overall is bad? Lol... Sure Metacritic average ranks it below the other 2, but the vast majority of its reviews have been 8-90+! The few 6s and 7s dragged this down.

The game from a gameplay perspective is refined and quicker, simplistic. But the sside missions are the big draw... The main story is great, both sides...

I hope the next game looks at the strong portions of all the three games, combines them and mature the combat as well as Morality system!

I do love the game overall. It's a solid 9.

Angeljuice1692d ago

Can someone please explain this passage from the article;

" either not doing a good the console, or the series itself justice. However in my after reviewing the game that hasn’t been the case,"


yeahokchief1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

i'm about halfway through with the game and so far it feels like a 9/10 to me. i will admit that it felt more like a 7/10 or an 8/10 until i got to the part where you get the neon powers. this is mainly because of how grindy and repetitious collecting all the blast shards and 100%ing each zone can be. but the neon powers completely mixup the way you navigate the city and were so refreshing, fun and new. i get the feeling the game will only have 2-3 powers but i wish it had even more you could choose between.

visually its a 10/10. suckerpunch really stepped it up with the visuals. i'm afraid to see what naughty dog and rockstar will have for us with the PS4 when infamous looks this good.

gameplaywise it has the same flaws as infamous 1 and 2 did. here's the jist of my complaints with the game

1. the moral choice isn't very conflicting. you either go good or evil and stick to that the entire playthough.

2. there isn't much choice in your upgrades. you can choose the order you unlock the upgrades but the unlocks are all very linear and some of them feel like they should just be standard because without them the combat isnt half as fun

3. everything is on the map. it completely ruins the exploration of the game when you can just find everyting looking at the minimap and makes the game feel like a chore.

These flaws aside, i'm really enjoying the game and i think it's the best game yet except for the story. It feels like it could have used more story, more comic strips, more plot twists like infamous 1. Infamous 1 by far had the best story. But aside from the lacking story in second son, this game is definitely a step up for the series.

Still i'm only halfway through so i should reserve comments until i finish. i think the title of this article is clickbait. i wouldnt say it's the worst receieved at all especialy in terms of visuals. plus like if anything the game is too much like its predecessors and hasn't evolved/changed enough. it plays exactly like previous games. so if you liked previous infamous games, you're going to like this one pretty much.

scotmacb1692d ago

Should of got titanfall it kicks this games ass only hire this game no replay value at all

Locknuts1692d ago


MysticStrummer1691d ago

Should (have gotten) Titanfall. It kicks this game's ass only (?). This game (has) no replay value at all.

I'm not sure what you meant by "hire", but I think I fixed the rest up for you.

: )

People who prefer online shooters would of course prefer TF, but it's not accurate to say I:SS has no replay value when it has two play throughs at the very least.

@Locknuts - You're a credit to N4G and gamers in general, kid. Keep up the good work.

zerog1691d ago

Yeah because that's what "everybody" wants, another tired fps. There's nothing really wrong with fps games but seriously there's not much difference between most of them. As a gamer I prefer a little variety in my games and I would say millions of people would agree. To say a game kicks another games ass when they're different genres is just stupid. Since you're obviously an xbox fanboy I'll simplify it for you. What you said is like saying should have bought halo because it kicks forzas ass which i guess it does when it comes to gunplay but not so much when it comes to racing.

Angeljuice1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

@Mystic Strummer

It's actually should have *GOT* or should have *BROUGHT* in English (Gotten is a purely American word). Hire and Rental have the same meaning.

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stuna11692d ago

The title is a contradiction of itself! Best selling, but worst received! That's a paradox if I've ever seen one!

Vitalogy1692d ago

Why is it a paradox? You can buy a game and end up not liking it still that doesn't change the fact you bought said game. So you can have 10 million games sold but people rating it very low.

I'm sure that's not what's happening with this game though.

Please be aware that I made up figures just to prove my point.

DanteVFenris6661692d ago

It's talking about reviews... Have a look at metacritic

mrpsychoticstalker1691d ago

I didn't like this game, there I said it.

Just my opinion.

The first infamous is still the best.

URNightmare1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

You've never played either lol

UnHoly_One1691d ago

I liked this game, but the first two were in a whole different league.

If the first two games were 8.5's, this one should have been about a 6 or 6.5.

Good, but FAR from great.

Which makes me sad because inFAMOUS is my favorite PS franchise.

-Foxtrot1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I liked it but I enjoyed inFAMOUS 2 better

Cole (main character) had better development, better side characters (didn't really like Eugene), way more morale choices, the story was better and longer, the map was bigger, upgrading powers was more of a challenge and I felt like there was a different variety of them...with Second Son all powers have roughly the same move set. I didn't really see anything in Second Son like the Shockwave attack, Kinetic Pulse or Polarity Wall

I mean inFAMOUS 2 didn't have pretty graphics and stuff like Second Son but then again it's not really all about graphics is it.

iamnsuperman1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Cole and co had time to develop. I think they rushed Delsin's (and friends') progression. Without giving to much away for those who haven't played inFAMOUS 2, that story was more powerful because those characters had time to grow (Cole and Zeke had two games). Those endings were amazing because of that growth

I disagree about the powers. I think the main attack were similar but the power and usefulness was different. One power was best for traversal across the city, One was best for dodging and speed, one was best for pure grunt and power. I am glad we didn't see shockwave or kinetic pulse or polarity wall otherwise it would have been a re-skinned inFAMOUS 2. Does those abilities really suit the type of powers we got in inFAMOUS Second Son? I don't think so.

-Foxtrot1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Yeah but even Cole and his story were better in their one game (inFAMOUS) then the guys in Second Son.

I mean the...


...Kessler/Cole twist was fantastic. This game didn't have any of that.

The story in general with Second Son felt rushed I mean when I got up to the fight with Augustine I was like "...WHAT....I'm fighting her now...this can't be the end surely"

I know people want to defend the game and hell I enjoyed it but come on guys apart from the lovely graphics and particle effects inFAMOUS 2 did most things better then it. Just because you point out some flaws doesn't mean your saying it's crap.

iamnsuperman1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


inFAMOUS has a great twist but its mission structure and general story telling wasn't that good. inFAMOUS 2 was a far better game since it had both. This is a thing inFAMOUS Second Son is missing

Saying that, inFAMOUS Second Son has improved the series in some areas. I really liked the powers. They were interesting and well thought out. Cole's got more interesting but you didn't really feel that powerful (except for the lightning storm mission which is possibly my favourite mission of all time). I think they have rectified this without going over board (giving each set a different focus)

Shadonic1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I never played Infamous 1 but i know infamous 2's story and content are far more than second sons.

I ran through a video detailing the story of infamous 1 and compared to second son the first still has more too it in terms of story.

Second son was basically, discover leech powers, still more powers become good while stopping evil, become evil by doing random evil stuff that doesn't even make all that much sense, especially the evil ending. They dropped the ball with the evil side hands down.

The saddest thing is that even though there valid issues a majority of the fans like on N4G will just hop on the anti criticism train and instantly deny anything that's actually not that good about second son. I swear its like pointing out falsities in a cult when you state that anythings less then amazing in either an exclusive xbox or sony game. No games freaking perfect grow the hell up your all critics as well and just going along and giving the game the OK just because it was fun doesn't mean I should look over things that are lackluster or doesn't make sense.

I swear this is the same crap I had to deal with when Halo 4 rolled out Sony or xbox fanbase doesn't matter your going to experience the same thing, the console hate just goes to a different one.

Dark111692d ago

I agree , also past games had more than one Faction
sad that SP rushed the game out.

-Foxtrot1692d ago

Yeah more enemy variety thats another good thing past inFAMOUS games did better.

Shadonic1692d ago

yea I heard in some people found audio logs detailing the possible powers the DUP could if had like glass or wire or some organic powers. They gave reasons as to why it wasnt chosen ( this is story stuff by the way not SP talking about it ) but SP could of just did the whole special upper class soldiar thing where they only have this ability.

DragonKnight1692d ago

I think the first game is still the best of the 3. Cole definitely has a wider array of powers that are far more useful as well.

I agree with the powers too. I mean, the movesets were pretty much the same, though there were intended differences. Smoke was the most destructive power (pre-end game) so it was very useful when dealing with the heavy hitting enemies, but still didn't pack the punch of Cole's powers, i.e. no Shock Grenade or Shockwave to keep the pressure off.

Neon was the subjugation power. It's hardest hitting attack took too long to charge in my opinion, which merely reinforces my belief that Neon was the power that Sucker Punch intended for the Good playthrough.

The 3rd power is far more useful for traversing than it is for fighting. The melee, while strong, is ridiculously slow and leaves you wide open. The L1 is completely negated if you're hit in the split second it takes to use it, but is definitely great for getting some free subdue's or executions. I did enjoy the auto fire R1 though.

All in all, I'd say Cole is the stronger Conduit in terms of destructive capability and array of powers.

In terms of story I'd still rank inFAMOUS 1 as the best. It had the growth that Cole needed to go through in accepting his powers, the trials of his relationship with Trish and later with Zeke, it had frickin' Kessler who is still the best antagonist in the whole series so far. But, Delsin and Reggie's relationship, that is top notch story telling there.

Can't wait for a sequel, but I really hope they bring Cole and Zeke back.

-Foxtrot1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Totally agree

Cole is stronger and the thing is what we see in Kesslers timeline Coles powers will only grow. Delsin only LOOKS more powerfull because he can swap powers but as you hear in the game he only gets a small percentage of their powers, probably why the move sets are the same

Hell I felt like most of the main missions were spent learning powers from core relies, surely if the move sets are roughly the same you would guess what to do with your new power.

I mean you could say "Well Kesller had futuristic tec to enchance his powers" but he never took Blast shards and Core relies like Cole did in inFAMOUS 2 since he was too busy running away from the Beast in the future timeline.

Can you imagine what Coles power would be like when he's Kesslers age. Kessler goal was to train him to be more powerful and it worked.

Yeah I agree with Cole and Zeke though, Cole has to come back. I feel like Sucker Punch used Deslin to show us the changed world without forcing back Coles return to earlier.

With the DUP I believe they have Coles body and alive or not they are doing experiments on him. What if he's locked up in Curdun Cay. Maybe thats why Zeke is in the rebel movement.

They wouldn't of mentioned Cole or had Zeke in the Second Son if they were moving on from them. They put that question mark lightning bolt at the end of inFAMOUS 2 for a reason.

inFAMOUS had his bromance with Zeke, his betrayl, Kessler, Trish and her death, coming to accept his power and much more in just one game while Second Son hardly had much of that. The only good thing was his banter with Reggie and I still wish Reggie got powers, maybe he could, who knows anything can happen with Superheroes.

In my opinion do inFAMOUS 3 with Zeke and Cole or keep doing new characters for each game.

DragonKnight1692d ago

Kessler really only used tec to supplement his age. There's no real indication that the tec actually enhanced his abilities because he developed the ability to Time Travel (which likely indicates that his conduit power has more to do with the manipulation of light energy in all of its forms rather than simple electricity given that the theory of time travel revolves around the speed of light) in his own time line before having his advanced tec. This means that he was already stupidly powerful, as he even indicated himself that he could have defeated The Beast when it first appeared.

I would say that, given time, Cole's abilities would have surpassed Kessler's because Kessler jump started Cole's power instead of allowing them to reveal themselves naturally. I would assume though that because Kessler's powers emerged naturally, he has far more nuanced control over them than Cole does. He, for instance, can probably bathe. Lol.

But that's the thing with Cole's story too. It's left open for so much interpretation. Whereas Delsin, currently, really doesn't have all that much open room to explore in my opinion.

Shadonic1692d ago

Completely agree, really the only difference between neon and smoke are the designs and the dash button and the little slow mo aim. ( spoilers ) Concrete is really lackluster as well. You don't get a karma bomb and a lot of the awesome stuff that the DUP grunts can do, you cant do. In terms of story, and content it feels rushed but its still fun to go around and fight DUP troops or drug dealers. The sad thing is really, this is its only saving grace. It feels like it could of been so much more and a lot was just not implemented.

I'm hoping that the paper power we possibly get is very different and awesome.

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Rickgrimes951692d ago

Loved the graphics and gameplay story wasn't up to par with infamous 2. But what I don't get *spoiler warning* when Reggie dies in both the good and evil playthroughs he says he's proud of you before he dies I think it would have had a more emotional impact if on the evil playthrough he said he hated who you've become or he's disappointed in you before he died. Idk just one mans opinion

DragonKnight1692d ago

They probably didn't do that because of the same thing happening between Cole and Trish in inFAMOUS 1. Either that, or they'd assume people would think that Delsin is taking it harder on himself anyway because right at the beginning of the game, no matter if you choose Good or Evil, he blames himself for what the D.U.P. did to his tribe.

Rickgrimes951692d ago

Still, makes choice seem irrelevant to your relationship with Reggie I mean in infamous 2 your evil choice puts you up against your best friend way for emotional impact in that

DragonKnight1692d ago

I don't disagree with that, I'm just saying they probably didn't want to create a cliche for morality choices in games.

Shadonic1692d ago

Yea I felt that was weird as well, upstanding do good cop saying he's proud of his brother that killed some non violent protesters 3 minutes ago. WTF

PR_FROM_OHIO1692d ago

Just proves review scores are becoming irrelevant!