Carmageddon Review by Retro Gaming Magazine

Carl Williams writes, "First up, a little history about my eperience with Carmageddon. I have been playing since this game first came out on PC’s oh so many years ago, in fact, I pre-ordered it at my local Electronics Boutique and picked it up ASAP upon release. This game was one that made me proud to own a PC, not a great PC but still, a PC since this was going to probably never be a console title (part 2 did eventually hit consoles in a stinted manner, much like the characters you are running over in the original). The edginess, the pixelated gore and mayhem of the original was unique, there simply was nothing else like Carmageddon available. Now, the original is available on Android (has been for awhile) and it is just as over the top, gory, pixelated fun as it was oh so many years ago on PC."

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Bob Dole1600d ago

2nd Carmageddon was way better than the first.

Bob Dole1599d ago

also just found out the new game came out in early access 3 days ago!

triverse1599d ago

Yeah, I was planning on this review going live three days ago but figured it would be better to wait a few. I hope the new game is just as carnage heavy as this one was.

The second one was more cartoony and lost some of its edginess in the process. It was still fun using the electric shock ray (not sure we can say the name here).

Bob Dole1599d ago

the bastardization ray? lbdao

So far I'm diggin the alpha, plays just like the 2nd one with way better graphics. Can't wait till it releases!