At A Glance: Roundup 24th-30th March 2014

Dealspwn writes: Titanfall had a slightly rough week with a quick tumble down the charts courtesy of Infamous: Second Son and it also caught some flack for making teamwork less rewarding during multiplayer matches. Microsoft lifted the lid on details for cutting features for online griefers and we saw a few new screen for Arkham Knight. So yes, a quiet week. Not for Facebook though, who came out of nowhere and bought VR studio Oculus for an insane amount of money.

In the reviews, Cloudbuilt turned out to be well worth the wait and Mercenary Kings was a fine throwback to our retro years. Diablo III's Reaper of Souls is hella expensive, but Jon's going to tell you if it's worth the cash. We'd love to tell you that the medieval Sin City-stylings of Betrayer makes it worth your time, but a 5/10 says otherwise.

In our features we have fresh video coverage of Dark Souls II, Carmageddon Reincarnation, Titanfall and Betrayer. Articles include a look at why graphics are super important, a piece on why a free title update may mean you don't need the new Diablo III DLC, Chris weighs up safety vs surprise in gaming and Matt assures us that Facebook buying the Oculus isn't a bad thing at all and also tells us which games he'd like to see get a FFX-style HD makeover. Stay tuned next week too as Jon and Carl bring you the best from the Rezzed Expo in Birmingham. Rezzed? It's like the Eurogamer Expo but with added nerd. Yeah, I went there.

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Blues Cowboy1604d ago

"Rezzed? It's like the Eurogamer Expo but with added nerd. Yeah, I went there."

*Spits tea all over keyboard* How dare you! How... erm... err... yeah, fair enough. :P Mind you, if awesome left-field indie games and the ability to chat directly to devs is nerdy, then bring on my neckbeard.