Calling PS4/Xbox “Resolution-gate” an Overreaction Is Tough, Rate of PC Change Higher Than Consoles

Shadowrun Returns creator Jordan Weisman talks about the challenges facing console technology.

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pakua1600d ago

Sick of hearing about resolution now. If a game is good then it really doesn't matter. The only time it matters is in multi-platform titles.

Hicken1600d ago

That's about the only time anyone has said it matters, until certain folks tried saying it didn't matter at all.

UltimateMaster1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

It's not just about resolution.
Yes, it's always good to get better resolution, but the bottom line is that the PS4 is stronger, meaning that first party exclusives will have more power to push graphics even further than just resolution.

r1sh121599d ago

@UltimateMaster -

To an extent that was the case with the PS3, the CPU was miles ahead of its time compared to the xbox 360 and in many platform exclusives it really outshone the xbox, but in many multiplats it was a different story.

Yes graphics are important, but for example if you were to go play knights of the old republic today (released 2003) would you say its a bad game because the graphics are pretty awful compared to todays standards?

That game was a great game for reasons other than graphics.
There needs to be context, even today on phones, angry birds, candy crush, flappy bird etc. all are pretty low graphic games but millions enjoy them for the playability of them.

Im not fan of the xbox one, and I think the PS4 has been engineered in a much better way, but microsoft are software kings for a reason, they will optimise the GPU/CPU like DX12 will in 2015.
They can even optimise code for textures in the VRAM.

THe PS4 has more performance, but thats not to say the xbox one has hit its glass ceiling yet, maybe a massive leap forward can be found since the architecture of the Consoles are similar aside from the ram.
Hate the xbox one all you want but its still selling well - just not as well as the ps4.

UltimateMaster1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

You are kinda right.
See, when the PS3 first came out, the drivers weren't properly to use the maximum capacity of the console. That's why when it was released, the Xbox 360 had an edge on multi-platforms.

Overtime, special techniques were used to take advantage of the design of the console with the multi-treating (sorry if I misspelled it) and first party games looked much better than it's Xbox 360 counterpart where the drivers were already well designed but couldn't use anything extra.

PlayStation decided not to go back the same route as the PS3 were it was a complex design.
Instead, they went back to a design that was more similar to the PS2. Originally, the PS4 wasn't supposed to get 8Gb of GDDR5 but rather 4Gb of it + 128Mb of eDRAM (The Wii U has 32Mb of it) which could have made performances up to 1000Gb/s. Which is far superior than anything the PC has to offer, however, they would have to use special techniques to get around to properly use it.

Who knows, maybe they will use it in the future as a side RAM. But by Sony's surprise was to learn that what developers wanted was an unified RAM structure. (Something not found in the Xbox One nor PC "has PCs uses DDR3 + GDDR5" but not quite as complex (as X1) as they are similar.)
Tough, it's not a deal breaker for 3rd parties as you can see they are still making games for the Xbox One (but not so much for the Wii U as it need to optimize it's drivers and they aren't helping developers like Sony did with the PS3)

People have to realize that the only reason why the PS3 was made so complex was to prevent hacking as much as possible. As it was rampant with mod chips during the PS2 era.

This time, they went with the most power for the best value for the consumer.

UltimateMaster1599d ago

As far as graphics vs gameplay debate, gameplay always win. Some of the best experiences didn't had any of the best graphics.

Killzone Shadow Fall had better graphics, but KZ2 & KZ3 were better game. KZSF lack enemies, by a lot. It takes time to even get in the game.
It's a great game, but it's an awful Killzone.

In Killzone, you're supposed to be in a constant world war environment, but in KZ SF, you're playing as a spy rather than a soldier and that changed the dynamic of the game and it's probably why it's not being called KZ4.

Some of the best games in history didn't had the best graphics, at all.

Army_of_Darkness1599d ago


I would be annoyed of all these resolution talk as well if I had an xbone... Like seriously, who needs a constant reminder that they chose a more expensive, yet weaker console that can barely do next gen 1080p resolution?!

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Why o why1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

How I see it is if you were the type, media or fan, that professed multiplats were better on the 360 or that reveled in lens of truth or digital foundry comparisons, then it STILL matters.

If you had zero care then fine, it doesn't matter. Nobody can call you a hypocrite. . .*cough* sessler *cough*

Thing is, most people on n4g did care and were in the said articles. The hypocrites that all of a sudden plead morality and look like idiots akin to the bully who gets smacked by the bullied then run and cries to the teacher.

We see you. . .

My final gripe is against those that now scream this new fallacy about getting pc's if we cared about graphics. How stupid do they sound when everybody knows pc's are not only superior but a different format no matter how similar the architectures are. Consoles vs consoles.

MysticStrummer1599d ago

"The only time it matters is in multi-platform titles."

Then the only time it matters is actually most of the time, since multi plats make up the huge majority of titles.

Exies71599d ago

I don't really care about the resolution differences, not even on multi-plats. I play single player games on PS4 and multi palyer games on XB1. Everything else is played on PC.

Honestly, if people cared that much about graphics, they should have saved up for a PC.

bienio1599d ago

That what im doing all my live 👍 pc rules!!

Evilsnuggle1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Sick of hearing about how resolution don't matter. If resolution don't matter they why are we buying new consoles . Why not just stay with PS3 and 360. Maybe we should All play NES or super NES they have the best game play of all time it all about game play right.
Gamers who are worried about Resolution are really worried about the hardware. If new hardware can't run games at 1080p 60fps. Will it hold back game design and new game play mechanics for future New and more powerful game engines.
The people who say resolution don't matter have a agenda . They are xbone fanBoys or on the Microsoft P.R SPIN machine Defence League. If resolution didn't matter Nvidia would not be selling a 3000 graphics card.

Why are PC fanboys so thirsty always looking for attention. Is anyone talk about PC no they are talking about PS4 vs xbone. Dam we get it your PC can run the same games as consoles at 4k on you 10' monitor got it. For 10X the price of PS4 Guess what I have more important things to do with my money. Enjoy your 4k While me and my wife enjoy our vacation home in Mexico. PC fanBoys are worst that Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on your door ask you have you heard about PC? PC is not for everyone. People who enjoy pc gaming great. But it's super annoying That pc gaming want to compete with game consoles. Should pc gamers be comparing GPU's and CPU with other pc gamers. I know you pc fanBoys don't understand that wiiU, PS4 and xbone are GAME CONSOLES AND NOT PC. They are fixed hardware. DAM stay in your lane

Dannyh1599d ago

You cant get the newest games for nes or snes,More to next gen then just resolution, Take bf4 on xbox 360 and ps4 you only have 32 people in online on ps4 and xbox one you have 64, 720p on xbox one and 900p on ps4 but both games are doing things that last bf4 couldn't do

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thisminetile1599d ago

Well, we wouldn't continue to hear about it if some Xbox fans would just accept the differences, instead of coming up with excuses like "resolution doesn't matter" (even though these machines are supposed to be outputting much better visuals than last gen and many claimed 1080p HAD to be the standard for this gen) or "I can't even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p" (even though if the roles were reversed they would be saying the difference is HUGE) or "you need a HUGE TV to even spot the differences" (even though we can tell the difference when the res is upped on our 4"-5" phones, but not our 30"-50" TVs?)

kingduqc1599d ago

It's not only about resolution. It's about being limited. There are many nice features that you didn't see on ps3 and 360 because they where limiting just like ps4 and xbone will be in the next few years.

Also, framerate are abysmal on console. Dark souls 1 in blighttown ran at 12 fps, dark souls 2 on ps3 dips all the time in 22-24 skyrim was almost unplayable too. there are countless reason why more horsepower = better gameplay and resolution is only a part of it.

I've been playing in 1440p and I don't get how you guys are okay with 720p in 2014. Everything is so blurry, all the finer details are lost and at a distance it's quite harder to see.

HumanatPlay1599d ago

Don't let the down votes get you down, you are on the right track.

I will be waiting for Gears of War and Halo as well as operating system and policy improvements/overhauls. If MS can't deliver on these then they deserve to leave the industry.

Resolution can't polish shit games.

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cfc781600d ago

Most games are multi plats but a great game was never judged on graphics alone but when you can have both it's always best but not necessary to enjoy the game.

JCOLE131951600d ago

All last generation I played almost all multiplats on my 360, which were all below 1080p. So it doesn't bother me to play a game at 720p or 900p. But the thing that does bother me a little is that the more expensive console performs worse than the cheaper console. Xbox One is my console of choice because of the games have my attention more on that console. But when the PS4, the CHEAPER console is more powerful and has the superior multiplats so far, that fact should matter. Yes, I understand both consoles will improve over time, but that gap still exists. I'm sure this generation will be full of great exclusives and multiplats to be enjoyed on both consoles... Lets just play the damn games.

SteamPowered1599d ago

Now that Resolutiongate has been pretty much beat to death, its gonna be the Battle of the Exclusives from here on out.

Why o why1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

'Battle of the exclusives'

That's the best type of battle for gamers. Surely MS cannot adopt the same minimalistic approach they used last gen. All of the advantages they had last gen are gone. They'll have to fight with exclusives for the whole gen. Let's see if they have the stamina because they're competing against competitors that do.

RiPPn1599d ago

Funny that Xbox fans are tired of hearing about having the weaker ports, but they sure loved it last gen when they got the better version of the multiplats especially at the beginning. Me personally, I have both consoles and like to hear which one has the better version so I make an educated purchase to get the most bang for my buck, and I think as long as there is a significant difference the comparisons aren't going away.

SteamPowered1599d ago

I have to disagree with the author stating that PC gamers buy a new rig every year or 2. That simply is ridiculous. Why would I buy a new PC for over $1000 each year when upgrading my GPU is a roughly $300 cost every 3 years or so, and its certainly not always necessary. I have an i7-3770, so I can keep shoving GPUs in there for probably the next 7 or so years. PCs may get UPGRADED annually, but replaced? Thats just crazy.

lets_go_gunners1599d ago

You don't even need to my rig is like 3 years old and still can out perform these consoles. I'll upgrade later this year cause I'm gonna have more time at home than I'm used to, so I wanna play games more than I do now.

mochachino1599d ago

I think the guy meant upgrade as no one replaces every part on their PC every year or two, there would be no need. Just my common sense read of his meaning of "replace their PC", probably should read in parts.

Tempest3171599d ago

Even parts though, its not necessary to replace even a single part every year. Maybe, MAYBE a new gpu every 2-4 years depending on what you go for, cpus/ram last longer. It hasnt really been necessary to upgrade anything annually since the athlon 64 days

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