PS4 reaches 7 million worldwide as Infamous : Second Son sells a million at launch

Insiderp : "Courtesy of a monstrous shipment of PS4 units in the extended last 2 weeks amidst very high consumer demand, PS4 reached 7 million units globally for the extended Infamous Week ending March 28, 2014. For the extended week, PS4 outsold the Xbox One by a whopping 7:1 across the PAL region. Below are the numbers for the entended week ranging from March 17,2014 to March 28,2014. Infamous : Second Son reached a million at the same time. "

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Sammy7771598d ago

FYI . these euro numbers are all fake

PS4 sold well over 100,000 units across europe for each of the weeks ending March 16/23

ZodTheRipper1598d ago

I don't believe any of these numbers as long as they're not coming from an official source.

Bernlock1598d ago

Titanic failure??? How???

UltimateMaster1598d ago

Wait until official numbers comes up from credible sources like NPD.

VGChartz Only display what is shipped and not sold. It's only an estimate too.

The PS4 continues to be sold out everywhere.
Microsoft buying 3rd party exclusives is only helping Sony selling more of it's exclusives.

bigfish1598d ago


How can PS4 be the future and the future be the PS4 at the same time? Surely its one or the other? its either the PS4 is the future and the future is PS4, or its the future is the PS4 and not the PS4 is the future.

Kribwalker1598d ago

Rehashed game sells maybe 1 million, with 7million consoles for it, gigantic success. New take on an old genre sells maybe 1 million with almost 4 million systems out and it's a titanic failure. That argument seems extremely flawed

Biggest1598d ago

I agree about waiting for credible numbers, but NPD won't have PAL numbers.

Evilsnuggle1598d ago Show
abzdine1598d ago

i can't even imagine what will happen with Gran Turismo comes out.

CrazedFiend1598d ago


sale, sell, sold, sells...

wow, that is confusing, isn't it?

On topic:

7 million though? That's amazing. It went from a number nobody imagined possible, to a number everyone predicted, to a number that Sony made happen.

Well, official numbers aren't out yet so it may be too early to say that. But in any case, way to go Sony!

Eonjay1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I agree. I think its awesome if they did, but these numbers seem sky high. Inside Derp was right about the 5.3 million days before Sony announced it so it will be interesting to see if Sony confirms this. It would, at the very least add credibility to this site, which at the moment is more than questionable. 180k in the UK for that weekend is really, really high.

nightsurge1598d ago

Fake site, fake/guess numbers. Some fanboy with nothing to do and terrible web design skills. PS4 and Infamous are no where near that high.

fr0sty1598d ago


You can dismiss the site all you want, but they have a good track record. Far better than VGChartz.

Ritsujun1597d ago

Don't give up, MS!!!!!!!!

abzdine1597d ago

you fanboy have nothing to do either since you also base your judgement on nothing but fanboy speculations.
and sorry to disappoint you but PS4 has sold over 7mil.

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JoGam1598d ago

I really don't know why some people care. Sometimes they act like they're making the money.

logan_izer101598d ago

Well, sales has a very big impact on the future of the game and studio. So, in that sense people should care. I Agree though with what you're saying.

TRGMatt1598d ago

Gotta be the one with the new, in thing. "More people buying a PS4? I better jump on that bandwagon so I have more people to relate to and call myself better!"

Cynicism aside, I'll be buying my PS4 when I have the money.

JP13691598d ago

More sales = intensified developer support and less chance of third parties making exclusives for the other system. So yeah, it matters to those that only have one system and don't plan on buying another one.

QuickdrawMcgraw1598d ago

People care the same way people care about sport teams...Fans don't make money when their team wins,but they are happy and get a chance to rag on the fans of the rivals...It harmless fun...But some holier then thou's seem to look down on fans...

Sayai jin1598d ago

@Quickdraw - Thats a terrible analogy. Comparing sports teams to console manufacturers. Usually people care about teams that are in their city, province, country for one. Your right they do not make money when their teams wins, but they can have a since of pride because that team is representing their area. Bragging rights that their city's soccer team is better than their mates. Or they get to know the know human beings that have a personality. MS, Sony, Nintendo (or insert any company that makes products) make game consoles, accessories, and games that people love. It's cool to be a fan of these companies, but throwing blind loyalty or bashing another company is ridiculous. Cheering for sales compared to another consoles sales...what do you get from it? Do you get money? Do you have stock in that company? I like to see a console or game get the attention it deserves, but counting who has sold x amount of consoles a=for a particular month...geez. More sales equates to more devs support, but honestly all these companies are going to do really well this gen so they will have all the support they need. People are fans of Ford, BMW, etc, but I doubt they are counting how many 540is are sold. I can go on, but I'll stop at that.

QuickdrawMcgraw1598d ago

Actually Sayai I have heard auto fans debate which make of cars are better,And what makes them better then a rivals...And to touch on the sports analogy...I hear a lot of people here in Canada rag on each other about their fav NFL teams...So one does not need to have a team,auto maker,or console developer,ect. ect. in their home town,city,province,state to support a fav product.And to enjoy the lively debate of their rivals...I could go on but....

SilentNegotiator1598d ago

Because it affects the industry and people can't be blamed for wanting their favorite companies to succeed and increase their influence on the industry.

Silly Mammo1598d ago

I think it boils down to human nature. People want to feel like that they are backing a winner. We are a society that has become more and more competitive...about everything. And who are more competitive than gamers? To many people its either you've won or you've lost.

Btw- I do feel watching a gaming console's numbers are a bit silly. But the more a console sells, the better the console will be supported.

aquamala1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I don't get the sports analogy, only one sports team can win, how is the console business like that? and what determines winning? units sold? profits? stock price? sure I want my console and game companies to do well but to wish other companies to fail as if there can only be one winner is what I don't get.

and be honest, if money is no issue, why would you want to have just one console?

fr0sty1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

For some, it is the wanting to belong to a winning party, to be associated with the popular crowd that drives them to care. However, for many, it is the understanding that the console you own selling more units will mean that developers will take bigger risks knowing your console has a good enough install base that they'll still likely make their money even if sales aren't as high as they'd hoped.

Look at PS2. When it was tearing up the charts, we started seeing some of the most imaginative video games ever created coming out of left field from developers nobody had ever heard of before. Classics were forged by the dozens, games we still play sequels of today on our current consoles. Developers felt free to take risks and forge new genres. We just didn't see as much of that with PS3, or 360 really. Most devs stuck to familiar gameplay mechanics, mostly shooters, or relied heavily on sequels. I think most of us can agree that PS2 had the most diverse software lineup.

We're very likely to see that same kind of renaissance occur with PS4 with the way it is selling. We're already seeing some amazing innovation with Sony embracing the indies the way they have, however as install base numbers continue to climb we're going to start seeing a lot more risks taken at the AAA game level as well.

Sayai jin1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

@Quickdraw- You completely missed the point. Of course you have fans of Ford, BMW, etc and they may boast that there car is faster or better. But I doubt they are touting monthly quarterly sales data of the favorite automaker. Rivals? Nintendo, Sony, MS? My point went in line to the OP about people cheering on as though they are making money from this.

After reading your comment history your comment here makes sense.

Kryptix1597d ago

More sales = More support

Compare support and sales of PS2 vs PS3 and Xbox vs Xbox 360.

If the console you're putting more money into is succeeding by a large margin then expect a lot of good things for it. That's why you can see the consumer being happy of their purchase.

Hopefully Sony really meant it when they said they were going back to the PS2 days. That means many, many more games for the consoleand that's always a benefit.

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LordMaim1598d ago

VGChartz isn't exactly an unimpeachable source either. I'm with zod18 on this one.

Why o why1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Trust me.. its like they're trying to be legit when we know how it started. Their numbers get adjusted way too much. I cant view them as a reputable source because of the occasional time their guestimates are close to reality. A history of undertracking x whilst overtracking y doesn't fill me with confidence.

Im sure infamous has done great...I just dont trust vg chartz

rainslacker1598d ago

They're not a bad source for officially released numbers. It's just their weekly projections which are typically off. Unfortunately, officially released number don't come weekly, nor do they come for every product they track. Generally the older the product being tracked the more accurate it is, but consoles themselves are an on-going sale.

thisminetile1598d ago

Dude, I've been a member of VGC for quite some time, so I know how it works. And let me tell you, you can't take their numbers as gospel, either. They have been off by ~1M before for both the Wii and the PS3 (overtracking on Wii and undertracking on PS3), over the course of a year. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great site for reference, ESPECIALLY if you are looking at numbers that are at least 6 months old, as they adjust when official numbers are announced. The community is pretty good, too.

noctis_lumia1598d ago

butthurt buddy ?
enjoy ryse lol

WilDRangeRrfc1597d ago

Enjoy Knack( I have both consoles and ISS and TF so don't even bother ) PEACE

BDSE1598d ago

VGCharts is a joke, they make their numbers up and then historically revise them when the real figures come out.

Posting that link just makes you look like a fool.

kowan1598d ago

Never use vgchartz as a source for sales data as it is never accurate on it's sources and info. It is a site that estimates sales, it does not and will never show ACTUAL, official sales data.

nightsurge1598d ago is a fake site making fake claims. All of which have been wrong so far. Run by a sad fanboy with terrible web design skills lol. Infamous only sold about 600k first week.

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showtimefolks1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

VGChartz is not a site to get accurate data when a game or system launches because most of their numbers are just guesses

but after some time they keep getting NPD date and keep updating their numbers, so its a site where you can see how a game game that came out a year ago sold but not for stuff that recently released

BTW Congrats sony by end of 2014 13-15 million systems sold is realistic IMO

Gardenia1597d ago


The link from the US vgchartz are from March 15

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TheLyonKing1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Will wait for official numbers but let me be the first to say I won't be shocked if that's true.

ltachiUchiha1598d ago

Same here, i'll wait for official numbers but I would not be surprised if these numbers are legit especially with the high demand for ps4 & Infamous SS did have over a million pre orders.


U sound a little butt hurt lol.

RaidensRising1598d ago

Really nice looking game alongside Shadow Fall. The two games justify the ps4 purchase now for anyone saying there are no games for the system.

bennissimo1598d ago ShowReplies(12)
Blacksand11598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

@Ben & BX81

How stupid do you 2 sound, your going to wait until 12/30/14 for the Order to come out to buy a PS4. All these games coming and your waiting for 1 game. Tell the true your mother said you got to wait for Christmas to get your PS4.

akaFullMetal1598d ago

If these numbers are to be believed, then awesome. Then again it really isn't too surprising.

DanielGearSolid1598d ago

After the Mortimer incident, I don't think anyone cares for insider info

No_Limit1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

You will be surprise, just wait about 10 minutes, 95% of the responses will challenge that assumption.

Edit @ Sammy below:
"The director came out and defended himself with bizarre stats which was pretty obvious."

Oh my, due don't even go there, if you find that the man left because he has to take care of his critically ill 4 yr old son, is a bizarre stat, then you are either heartless or Pete Dodd himself.

Shoot, I wouldn't surprise me if you are the mastermind that writes these articles at insiderp as every one of their articles are submitted by you.

Sammy7771598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Mortimer was right all along . The director came out and defended himself with bizarre stats which was pretty obvious. DC was supposed to be a ps4 launch title and millions have been spent on it already without any light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to release date.

Mortimer was 100% correct


SONY did reserve 500k ps4 for Japan . It is just the demand wasnt there because of the lack of big titles so they diverted the shipment to US/PAL. Why do you think most ps4s these days were manufactured in Japan?


yes dude yes . SONY gave the option of devs to either let go off themselves or face the fire with compensation . A lot of ps4 games have been delayed because the devs were kinda complacent

Mortimer is right on this. DC wont release until this fall

Longshot281598d ago

no...............just no.

liquidhalos1598d ago

I think you're disgusting person for that statement, calling out someone for looking after their ill child for the sake of a childish console war in downright wrong. I'd like to see your account banned.

liquidhalos1598d ago

Don't pm me telling me not to be personal and offering excuses about Uncharted. It's unrelated to your slanderous post here. I still find you disgusting and I don't want further communication with you.

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