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Microsoft Does Not Plan to Bring Additional Halo Titles to Steam

SteamFirst: ”We have no further Halo releases on Steam planned at this time.” (Halo, PC)

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gamernova  +   207d ago
Wow, I'm shocked. So they're making them origin exclusives...anyone else shocked? I'm shocked. Lol
MidnytRain  +   207d ago
Why would they be on Origin?
gamernova  +   207d ago
Because steam is directly competing with their OS with steam OS for the gaming piece of the pie. At least that's one way to look at it. Everyone knows that Gabe is no fan of the windows platform.
LAWSON72  +   207d ago

It could be on Steam and use DirectX only counteracting the SteamOS like almost every other game on Steam.
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ThichQuangDuck  +   207d ago
I thought you were being sarcastic,but since you are not. They are essentially keeping with the exclusivity of games for windows and will probably try to reboot it in the future when they bring games to PC. They will keep Halo exclusive to consoles for as long as they can,but eventually there will probably be a new Games for Windows. One that hopefully supports cross platform and cross buy functionality. Origin is EA only I don't know what would lead you to believe Origin other than the release of Titanfall
BakPAin  +   207d ago
Ok, where did you see that? You know something we don't?
Sy_Wolf  +   207d ago
Steam OS is literally just Linux. Valve isn't competing with Microsoft in the OS space.
OwnageDC650  +   207d ago
So weak! Why not make extra cash on older Halo titles?
lets_go_gunners  +   207d ago
I was hoping for halo 3.
iSpeakTruth__  +   207d ago
Halo 3 on PC would've been nice.
ThichQuangDuck  +   207d ago
Halo 2 would have been nicer but I guess it is already there but a remaster. Halo 3 was so well loved I still forget that it never made its way to PC
zeal0us  +   207d ago
Halo 2 was available for pc but Vista only at the time of its release sadly. Though you got get to work on XP with a patch.
karl  +   207d ago
buggy as fuck.. i could barely play the game..

but manage to finish it anyway.. and ive been expecting halo 3 since then ..

no luck though
Th3o  +   207d ago
ofc they won't...without Halo what else does Xbox have that's iconic? Gears? It would be like Sony giving PC Uncharted. They would lose too much than gain imo.

I too would love to play every game on pc (since I can use my ps4 controller on it), but sometimes it's nice to let your computer rest and pwn on your tv for a bit:D

currently playing: FF X (VIta)/DBZ Vita, Super mario 3D/Zelda Link, South Park (PC) and Infamous 2 Ps4:D
LAWSON72  +   207d ago
"sometimes it's nice to let your computer rest and pwn on your tv for a bit"

the crap I read on this site, just makes me say WTF on a daily basis
Th3o  +   207d ago
If that comment made you say that I'd hate to see what happens when it's actually crap:S

I don't understand how that is so offensively bad to you that you had to comment on it? It's clear that I'm trying to embrace both worlds...and I used a slight jab at humour or exaggeration.

Maybe explaining would yield better results? You know...not being demeaning or a little pompus?

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georgeenoob  +   207d ago

"ofc they won't...without Halo what else does Xbox have that's iconic? Gears? It would be like Sony giving PC Uncharted. They would lose too much than gain imo."

Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Crackdown 3, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Favle Legends, D4. Are you being this ignorant on purpose? It's outdoing PS4's exclusive by a LONG shot in quantity and quality.

If you're saying iconic, then tell me, what does Sony have that's iconic? Uncharted is pretty much it, I would've said inFamous but I'm pretty sure that series is done especially after the lead designer left Sucker Punch. X1 has Halo, Gears, Titanfall, Forza, Fable, Crackdown and soon Quantum Break. So buddy, make the comparison.
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LAWSON72  +   207d ago

You know what this guy quoted me for no reason I take back what I said to you and instead want to direct that towards georgeenoob, because he is leagues ahead of you when it comes to crap I read on this site. To be fair I think I misread your first post, because I am tired of seeing console fanboys that think PC and TVs are a combo that apparently cannot exist or something. This guy though he apparently thinks games that sell worse than Infamous are less iconic and apparently of higher prestige eventhough they have not been released. Apparently he has not heard of a guy named Kratos either who is probably the biggest character Sony has.
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Wizard_King  +   207d ago

Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Crackdown 3, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Favle Legends, D4...

Yes none of those games are iconic and within 12 months of their respective releases they will all be under $10 in bargain bins or given away for free on XBL or heavily discounted or as bonuses with other purchases...
The Great Melon  +   207d ago
But Halo CE and Halo 2 were PC games, so it is a bit different than Sony putting Uncharted on the PC.
Th3o  +   207d ago
Halo 1 and 2 were on a very unsuccessful Microsoft launch console. It didn't sell anywhere near the number the 360 sold. Also Halo 2 was more a Vista promotion since you needed Vista to play it.(there were work arounds).

Halo 1 was a quick port I remember I had trouble running it properly for a while (max settings ofc...) it was a very unoptimized port.

I could see Halo 3 making it over once the Xbox is near end of life or phase out.(i know it's technically end of life now but I think MS will milk it till it's dry.
StealthPandemic  +   207d ago
They have, Fable, Forza, Quantum Break (Soon to come), Sunset Overdrive (soon to come), Gears of War, and other stuff?
LAWSON72  +   207d ago
I will always have hope for Halo 3 on PC, since the game is dead with no support. I think PC gamers are great at keeping games alive which is what the good ol Halos need, at least for us old fans that dont give a crap about future titles. It sucks Steam may not be a choice for such a release, but does anyone seriously think MS would take advantage of what it has to offer? I know I dream of the day Halo is on Steam with something like dedicated servers and mods for custom games, but that day will never become a reality. If it happened it would be locked down on the stupid Windows store.
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hiptanaka  +   207d ago
So much for increased focus on PC, lol.
FlyingFoxy  +   207d ago
Halo appeals to me about as much as Dead Island, and i dislike both.. Much better FPS's out there so this does not bother me in the least.
gjruk  +   207d ago
Then don't read or comment on articles regarding the game? God, for those who ain't bothered, there sure does seem to be alot of you who actually seem bothered.
Wizard_King  +   207d ago
I do agree mate for PC gamers HALO is fairly mediocre when you have so much more to choose from.
BattleAxe  +   207d ago
I think that it just adds to the overall variety of games on PC. Having more Halo games on Steam would be a great thing.
SIRHC13  +   207d ago
The dream is dead.
anesthesique  +   207d ago
Halo is and has been for consoles, it will stay and Xbox exclusive till MS gives up on gaming.
temprince  +   207d ago
wow im shocked :(
BattleAxe  +   207d ago
Microsoft is probably testing the waters to see what the demand is like on Steam for the Halo franchise. I might buy this game, not only because it looks cool, but also to cast a vote with my wallet. They've got nothing to lose by releasing older Halo games on Steam.
LAWSON72  +   207d ago
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BakPAin  +   207d ago
Its not about them not wanting to, but if you plan on having your own digital store wouldnt you want those games for it! I mean, idk, its just MS has been talking alot of the digital space!

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