Supply Constrained PS4 Camera Back in Stock on Amazon; Tomorrow at GameStop (Overpriced by $10)

If you’re one of the many looking to buy the PS4 camera to access the Playroom selfie-fest or simply to play some Just Dance, you’re in luck, as the accessory, that has been affected by severe supply constraints since the release of Sony’s new console, is finally back in stock on Amazon.

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thehitman1604d ago

I am extremely dissapointed that the ps3 camera does not work on ps4. Sony needs to patch this asap.

Harkins17211604d ago

That's not how it works. Too bad

thehitman1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Thats not how what works? It is how it should work idk why the PS3 camera drivers are not set on it. You can use it as a mic but not for video. I am not going to buy another camera just because I got a new system when the last one works almost just as good.

xHeavYx1604d ago

You really have no idea, do you?

OT: I went to Best Buy yesterday to get Dark Souls 2 and they had 3 cameras, so whoever is interested in one should check there first

thehitman1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Not sure you guys are getting it. I am not talking about using it for playroom and all the other advance features that are different. But if I want to just use Twitch streaming and or any other basic video features a camera has like Video chat I should be able to do it without a problem. The PS2 camera works on the ps3 so why doesnt the PS3 camera work on the PS4. You guys are dunces.

The basic functionality of a camera does not work on PS4 for the pseye. That is a basic driver issue that can be patched why it is not there day 1 doesnt make sense or they just want to force people to buy the new camera which I dont want to do.

UltimateMaster1604d ago

Well, they want to use the new technology and not be limited with the older one.
The same thing with the DualShock 3 that doesn't have the touchpad, it wouldn't work with games that uses it.
The double camera is interesting because it does give an depth perception beyond what was previously achieved with the PS3 PS Eye.

The PS3 PS Eye was originally designed to be an Augmented Reality Camera for The Eye of Judgement Card Game.

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JoGam1604d ago

It doesn't work because it's different tech. Built differently.

Farsendor11604d ago

ps4 camera is a bit more advance?

TruthInsider 1604d ago

How ironic!

No one wants Kinect and people can't get enough of PS camera lol.

1.Better GPU & RAM + Camera option + £80 cheaper

2.Weak GPU + Slower RAM + Forced camera + £80 more expensive.

What intelligent person would choose No2?

rainslacker1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

If MS had a reason for people to want to own their camera I'm sure people would want it. Sony, somewhat inadvertently, gave people a reason to want it. They even admitted they didn't realize how popular the twitch streaming would be. So far, not many people seem to be clamoring for what MS includes their Kinect for.

What is kind of a liability on the X1, became a profitable accessory for Sony.

3-4-51604d ago

Thehitman - Do you get disappointed when you can't play VHS movies in your DVD player too ?

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bobsmith1604d ago

PS4 cam ftw been watchin playroom streams since ps4 came out lol

Exies71604d ago

Most playroom streams are awful. My experiences have been pretty off putting. 2 people from the UK explaining why other countries are inferior. A man and a woman, where the woman would flash her boobs at certain viewer milestones. And a lot of people singing, badly.

Jihaad_cpt1604d ago

Just got myself a PS4 Camera yesterday


got mine at best buy to hell with ripoff stop

Lazyeye791604d ago

Awesome. Thank you for the update, just go me one.

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