Microsoft Posts Workaround for Severe Blu-Ray Issue Caused by April Update Beta; Fixes Incoming

If you’re part of the Xbox One April update preview program, chances are that you have suffered from some rather severe Blu-Ray drive issues over the past few days. Luckily help is on the way. Microsoft posted a workaround found by one of the beta testers on the private preview forums for one of the most nagging problems, also mentioning that fixes for all the three major issues affecting the drive have been identified and are being tested. Testing will take a few days before the fixes are rolled out.

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Hatsune-Miku1570d ago ShowReplies(4)
MCTJim1570d ago

This is the reason why I never accept Beta invites. I just dont get when people flip out over testing something and finding out that there are issues...of course there will be issues thats why you are called BETA testers. I am glad they found workarounds for the issues people are having.

Abriael1570d ago

Yeah, too many people think betas are to get a nice demo of new features and games, and then complain when they have trouble. With games it's a little better, but when you sign up for a beta of something as important as the system software, you do at your own risk.

UltimateMaster1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The PS3 works fine and it's a much better as a multi-media device than both the Xbox One and PS4. : /

Prime1571570d ago

Or even beta game testers, they can be super annoying.

Yes, I wanted to get in the beta for game-x, and here you are just complaining about it being buggy.

54LK1570d ago

I learned my lesson. Never again.

H0RSE1570d ago

"Microsoft posted a workaround found by one of the beta testers..."

- this is one of the reasons why participating in betas can be a good thing.

Kryptonite42O1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

I suffered from this problem.. it was pretty frustrating at first, but the workaround that I found was to go into your Settings / Blu Ray / Persistent Storage and clear the cache..

Persistent Storage - use this setting to clear Blu-ray data that has been cached to the console.

Didn't have any issues after that. no power cycles or anything after I did it.

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DarkLord10031570d ago

Pretty lame for a Multimedia box like the xbone.

gamer11381570d ago

It's a beta, buddy. The whole purpose is to test out new code to see if it has any unexpected results before they roll it out to everyone. The people on the beta agree to a set of terms and conditions that informs them there could be unforeseen consequences. This way when the update comes to everyone any major issues should have already been weeded out. I think it's an excellent idea.

Godmars2901570d ago

Its a system update. I feel that just writing that suggest that testing was involved well before the fact. More so when beta has pretty much become a term similar to demo. A promotion. even if you're talking about a product people already own and bought.

In the past MS has had a thing about presenting their updates as console relaunches after all.

andrewsqual1570d ago

Isn't that what QA is for? Oh wait, they forgot to that with the original HDMI-less, wireless-less Xbox 360 console too. They would have been in a different place in the world too with 360 sales too had they released it properly.

TRD4L1fe1570d ago

how is it lame? it's a beta

DarkLord10031570d ago

You answered your own question...

Dirtnapstor1570d ago

Agreed. Things like this should have been worked out from the get-go. Yes it's a beta, but still, for what this console was hyped up to be....

No_Limit1570d ago

What you rather have, a BETA to test out the bugs and fix them before the final release or releasing a mandatory official firmware for all the systems, lets pretend it is version 4.45, that bricked many systems after installing?

mhunterjr1570d ago

What do you mean worked out from the get-go? The purpose of a beta is the work out bugs. The people who are experiencing this issue volunteered to be beta testers for future updates. Folks who aren't beta testing aren't experiencing any issues...

LocutusEstBorg1570d ago

Last time I tried a beta update on the 360 the drive stopped working for 3 months until the next update.

Dudebro901570d ago

Considering the 360 had major updates once a year, I'm gonna go with ur lying.

LocutusEstBorg1567d ago

Betas are released a few months before the final version...

ananas1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

bla bla bla...

incendy351570d ago

I would terrible for that beta, only used the bluray drive one time. And that was just to make sure it worked haha.

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