3 Things Really Wrong With Realistic Gaming

Realism is sought after much in the modern gaming industry, and, more often than not, equates to gritty shooters. This is great for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of war without getting an explosion all over their faces. Indeed, fanboys seem to love telling me how “Battlefield is more of a war simulator than a game” and “Call of Duty is awesome and I’ll punch your face concave if you say otherwise.”

While both are compelling arguments, this revered realism is the very thing that drives me into a blind rage. With that in mind, read on to witness the raw power of my first world problems.

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SCW19821605d ago

I can name one thing WONG with this article. Amateurs!

SCW19821604d ago

The headline said Wong not wrong when it first went up.

1604d ago
ATi_Elite1604d ago

Quick Scoping! Nothing more realistic than THAT!

where do they teach that at? Navy Seal Jedi Hogwarts Academy?

cyclindk1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I agree, but... I think the games just need to include the alternative and that is not looking down your scope, but raising the rifle and sort of "mock" aiming it as one would if all they had was a scoped rifle. Don't know what control scheme on a remote would allow for this function, but it'd be better.

But yeah, the looking down the scope for a millisecond and firing is retarded. And CoD in general has much bigger issues than this.

RAAMzilla1604d ago

The main thing wrong with realistic games is that they are realistic. I play games to escape reality.

AgentSmithPS41604d ago

Once again bf/ea/dice makes many lists of fail, enemies can actually hide around in your HOME base and steal YOUR helis or kill you before you can do anything about it, and the impotent AI AA will do nothing (and they're placed so poorly another option like random spawn location would be best). UNFAIRNESS is the problem, just like the campers of old that would guard the "super weapons" and shaft you with them, games can either be made fair or unfair depending on how stupid/uncaring/lazy the dev is.

"Secondly, because we’ve got a taste for that sweet, sweet realism." No. I'd like BF etc a lot more if they were more realistic, explosions making pink mist and body parts flying everywhere, blood splattered and pooled, squished and broken bodies when tanks etc plow over them, wounded soldiers crawling unable to run, heads exploding like in that famous animated gif, etc. We also need OPTIONAL 'hardcore' modes where the game FORCES you to play the objectives instead of having 63 unskilled snipers wanting an easy OHK, etc.

Frankly I'm an adult and I want adult games, children and adults can easily play the same game together and see different things, just like with "gore filters", all we need is a verification system so we can stop getting the p-whipped gamma male version of games.

cyclindk1604d ago

I am with you on the "visual" realism, but or those referring to the Red Orchestra or ARMA type "realism," no thanks.

Physics, destruction, gore, sure.

SixtyNine1604d ago

they are just too serious. . consequently, they get boring quickly.

Elwenil1604d ago

If he's talking realism, why even mention Battlefield or CoD? If that's realism, I'm the king of the moon.

Stapleface1604d ago

What, you can't send a tank flying into the air with c4 and then take out a jet while in said tank, in real life? Your missing out on all the fun stuff, I do that shit every day. /s

USA0071604d ago

I agree, cod and bf aren't realistic at all, they are arcade shooters, like halo. I dont find any validity in the points to the "realism" topic because of this.

I can understand the first point about camping, and gaining any advantage possible in a gun figh, but that is an outcome of any competitive shooter, and not just "realistic" shooters, as the author labeled it. War is fought differently in games than real life because of the mechanics. Camping doesn't necessarily give you the same advantage in a game than in real life

How does the second point relate to realism at all? A ranking system that attempts to match player skill isn't used in real life. And the idea is that generally those who have played more are better at the game. There is also the score per minute system which works better than time played. In real war you aren't given a fair chance necessarily, yet the last statement of point 2 is somewhat hypocritical to the realism topic

The third point totally rolls over the fact that CoD and other games aren't true to resl life. They have fictional wars, weapons, and technology. They try to stay in an era close to ours, but can be very creative in the sense that you describe it.

This article mistakenly calls CoD-style games "realistic" and then forms non-arguments why that is bad. The author should have just written an article on why he didn't like the prevelance of this style of game rather than write this. When I read realistic shooter, I think of games like Arma. Even though it does a better job of portraying realism than CoD, it still is limited by the fact it is only a game

ATi_Elite1604d ago

You mean to tell me that you can't jump out an Airplane, snipe the pilot in the face while he is flying in another plane, and then parachute safely into the new plane, then hit a smoke stack with your wing, do a 360, but maintain control and keep flying in real life?

I thought Battlefield was as real as it gets!


UnHoly_One1604d ago

No, they aren't 100% realistic, but they are BASED in realism. Real weapons, real vehicles, etc...

You die after a couple bullets instead of 30 because your overshield absorbed the first 25.

Yes, they could go even further towards realism, but they would also be going further towards SUCKING. lol

USA0071604d ago

So does that make historical games the worst games ever created? Are the only good games the ones with over shields? That is a matter of opinion.

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Tales RPG addict1604d ago

Admittingly i notice how shooters prior to COD, BF as FPS Oversaturation took the market shooters were far more fun but then its now gone from fun to dull and flat out boring. Even Medal of Honor Warfighter doesnt interest me. The only modern shooter i enjoy is the Bioshock series cause its NOt another War game with a craptastic campaign. "Bioshock" is more about the story than COD & BF are.

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