[IGM] Echoes of Eridu – Rogue Mega Man Legacy

Echoes of Eridu is a great looking action platformer inspired by Mega Man X, with roguelike elements, 2 player multiplayer, procedurally generated levels, random power-ups, and permanent death. As soon as you start playing Echoes of Eridu, the Mega Man influence is undeniable, with big, bold, Anime-style characters and enemies, and a glorious retro, chiptune soundtrack.

t’s not blatant rip-off of Mega Man though, more of a homage, and brings plenty of its own ideas to the table. Most noticeable are the procedurally generated levels which work really well, occasionally you may be unsure of where you’re supposed to be going, but you’ll never get stuck; they’re challenging, they feel well crafted, and they add a great deal of replayability to the game.

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