inFamous and Titanfall - Mediocrity overlooked?

Videogamedebate writes:

Titanfall and inFamous have seen their fair share of praise and critical acclaim but both have glaring faults which have been overlooked. This is of course due to a drought in gaming goodness for the supposed ‘next-gen’ consoles. It’s been a long, cold, dry spell if you’re an Xbox One or PS4 owner. Never in the history of the Playstation or Xbox have I ever been so bored or underwhelmed by the offerings a few months in to their console lives. Have they just capitalized on a severe lack of games for each system or did we actually start believing the hype?

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GarrusVakarian1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago ) know...some people genuinely do really like those games. That's always a possibility.

I love Infamous SS and i bought an X1 so i could play TF, so i disagree completely that either titles are mediocre. Quite frankly, i think games as fun as those, and in the case of Infamous, games as good looking as that releasing within mere months of each consoles is pretty impressive.

alexkoepp1485d ago

Yeah sounds like the author can't afford the new systems and is jealous he's playing last gen still instead of current gen

Mikelarry1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@ alexkoepp

From the article "I’m one of the few who bought both consoles at launch and I’m sick to my stomach that I did so, with both consoles offerings not good enough"

.....Just saying :)

UltimateMaster1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Infamous Second Son and Titanfall aren't mediocre.

Ryse Son of Rome is much more mediocre and repetitive than Titanfall, killing the same guy over and over... with the same move, and it's short. 4 hours. Not worth a 60$ game.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero is in that same situation, but it's half the price. Good as a rental.

levian1485d ago

Seriously, you can't buy a next gen console and complain about lack of games. That is plain stupidity. OBVIOUSLY there are no games, the thing just came out! It will take at least one full year before you have a decent game library.

Look at the games coming out this year:

MGSV, Bound By Flame, Dying Light, Watch Dogs, Destiny and The Division, Dragon Age, Evolve, Lords of the Fallen, Shadow of Mordor.

Those are just the games I'm interested in, and I'm VERY picky about the type of games I enjoy. Honestly I can't believe that many awesome looking games will be out within the year. It seems impossible!

GarrusVakarian1485d ago


Yeah, one thing i never understand is how people spend hundreds of $/£ on new consoles but don't know what is releasing for them in the few months after launch....then they complain that there's nothing to play. Do these people just impulse buy just because they are the "newest thing"?

Patrick_pk441485d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus They expect the PS4 or Xbox One will receive the same amount of games the PS3 and Xbox 360 currently has within a month. I sometimes question their credibility of owning a console or being a gamer, since a console usually comes out with "no games" at launch, which everyone should know.

CJDUNCAN1485d ago

We have yet to see next gen games be anything more than a graphics leap. While I enjoy both Titanfall and Infamous, I agree with the article that they are mediocre efforts. Parkour in a shooter isn't new, neither are mechs. Infamous seems lifeless, it's nothing jaw dropping except visually.

Don't get me wrong though, both games I enjoy but they aren't really pushing the envelope like we expected for these new consoles.

Granted this generation is still in its infancy so the games will without a doubt get better, but as for now we just have to accept it for what it is, graphics upgrade same generic gameplay.

thorstein1485d ago

No, but he is certainly a troll, just looking for hits on his crappy site by writing flamebait articles.

And there is no defending it. These two games are genuinely fun, well received by critics and fans.

Oh, and before he comes back with a sheeple reference: How's this: The only sheeple are journalists that think writing flamebait is going against the masses.

So many people do it that finding an honest article about how fun a game is has become the exception, not the rule.

Flame away, flameboy.

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Blacklash931485d ago

" know...some people genuinely do really like those games."

Of course not. The people who like these games are just biased fanboys with low standards. Anyone who thinks these games are good is one of them, obviously. :/

Or, more accurately, who cares what other people think on this? What you think of a game is your own thing.

StraightPath1485d ago

Infamous Second Son - 80% Metacritic

Titan Fall - 86% Metacritic

They both different games.

Infamous once your done with it you will not play again so best rental game as single plauer. Titan fall multiplayer game so you are bound to play hours on end.

GarrusVakarian1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Lol, im actually playing it right now. Straight after i finished my good karma playthrough i started my evil karma playthrough. Worth every penny of the £45 i spent, it's your opinion that it's only worth a rental, not a fact.

And a little tip, don't put too much weight into metacritic scores, you will miss out on a lot of games if you treat metacritic as gospel. Your opinion should be made from videos, livestreams or actual hands on experience, not by the opinions of others.

Skips1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

"Titan fall multiplayer game so you are bound to play hours on end."

Or once you play just one match. You realize you feels it's as stale as almost any other MP shooter on the market and completely regret your purchase due to it being overhyped... Like so many other people have.

Titanfall = 61

Infamous SS = 80

pakua1485d ago

@Skips You do realize that user scores on metacritic are useless? You can guarantee that Sony fanboys trolled the hell out of Titanfall on there.

Skips1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )


Sure, but the general feeling is that Titanfall, doesn't live up to the hype to A LOT of people bud.


Notice the top most upvoted review is a mediocre score AND is an "AMAZON VERIFIED PURCHASE"... Now compare those to the Infamous Verified purchases on Amazon. lol You really think people would shell out $60 just to give somewhat mediocre scores?

Anyways, same thing can be said for Infamous on metacritic and Amazon, or any other site for that matter.

pakua1485d ago

@Skips You do realize I am the author of the article? You don't need to convince me, I already know! lol

Skips1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@pakua lol Just sayin man. I just find it odd how scores from "Professional reviews" for Titanfall don't line up AT ALL with scores from most customer reviews. Even verified ones.

MeLoveRamen1485d ago

Sorry buddy i heavily disagree, I think most gamers buy a game for an experience not longevity. I bought Infamous knowing its only single player and the experience won't last forever but guess what, I am very pleased with my purchase and I would buy it again if i had a chance to do it again. There is a reason why most game of the year games are single player games is because you can get sucked in to the them and invest in that experience unlike multiplayer games.


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Mikelarry1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

When i purchased my ps4 it was not for the first six months i knew there would be a drought of games as history has thoutght me this with every console generation. I bought mine because after the announcement and e3 i knew it was going to be hard to get one if i waited and also i had a baby coming and if you are a gamer father you know once you are expecting a baby it becomes a 100 times harder justifying to wifey spending 350 pounds on gaming when you could put that to diapers and other important baby needs. I am hoping e3 sony announces plethora of games rhat justifies my purchase although i am currently enjoying infamous and this is my first intro to the series

pakua1485d ago

Games will only get better from now on. Hopefully Sony and MS have more up their sleeves than what we know about.

Irishguy951485d ago

Yeah it common knowledge. I normally wait for a year after a console release just for this sake. Many of the games I was looking forward to this year got delayed by alot too

MrSwankSinatra1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I disagree with this article, Delsin is actually a good character. Now where I and the article do agree is that the plot really isn't that good. Try comparing the plot of Infamous: Second Son to Infamous/Infamous 2, it's not even a contest the two previous games crap over second son plot wise, but every other aspect you can think second son wins hands down.

-Foxtrot1485d ago

Delsin is alright but personality has been done a thousand times in video games. I actually liked Reggie better then him and I wished he got powers instead, with the way he acts towards conduits it would of been great how he handles being one himself.

M_Adkins1485d ago

I was hoping the same thing with Reggie. Maybe DLC???

MrSwankSinatra1485d ago

Reggie & Delsin are akin to Cole & Zeke it's just the positions have been reversed.

-Foxtrot1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )




I mean he did fall into the ocean covered in concrete but what if his conduit power was Hydro man. I bet it's rare but not impossible for two brothers to share the conduit gene.

Reggies would of been activated when he fell into the ocean and the water starts to fill his lungs, with that and the sudden panic I'm sure it would of activated him.

It's kind of why I'd want to play as him in the sequel. Maybe in a island setting so you can use the waves and water to get around different islands. Maybe if theres a city you could use the pipes, gutters, drains and sewers to get around.

The DLC could focus on Reggie being washed a shore, relasing he has powers and the DUP (whats left of them) trying to kill him as he makes his way back home. Delsin would of left the city by then

M_Adkins1485d ago


There is a military base on an island off the coast of Washington....hmm....

GarrusVakarian1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

You know....that actually sounds pretty damn good. I would love to play as Reggie with water powers.

Nice! Make it happen SP!

Damn, you're making me excited for something that doesn't even exist! Lol.

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chrissx1485d ago

1 thing I know for sure is that both games are a blast,well above mediocre

bleedsoe9mm1485d ago

if either of these games is in the GOTY debate in December its going to be a really bad year from now until then

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