Game & Gadget Podcast #4 – Xbox One and PS4 Impressions 4 Months On

We discuss the Xbox One and PS4 four months on. Impressions on the interface, the games and the features of both consoles.

James Woodcock, Marty Greenwell and Ken Barnes feature.

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lifeisgamesok1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

As far as games Xbox One has better exclusives so far and Sony is losing staff from their greatest studios but we'll have to see how it pans out

Something tells me we'll see full fledged directx 12 games at E3 and with 50% of the cpu's workload reduced, games will see major improvements on Xbox One

This is absolutely, I think, the most significant jump in technology in a long, long time- Eric Mentzer, Intel's VP of Platform Engineering

alexkoepp1546d ago

My ps4 sits alone in my closet while my x1 dominates the living room which says it all. I really want to see what oculus/morpheus are bringing to the table and it would be great to see what Microsoft has in mind on the vr/ar front. One thing is for sure, we are gonna have a great e3 this year, last years was pretty lame aside from the new console announcements.

Microsoft just needs to keep delivering the great games and steady system upgrades. I need Sony to give me a reason to hook my ps4 up again, give me a sweet SOCOM game please.

xx4xx1546d ago

Same here...sort of: I had both consoles last gen. Not sure I'll go that route this gen.

My 360 got a workout each week while my PS3 sat only waiting to play blu-rays or the next Uncharted.

Now the the X1 has blu-ray....I should be fine for awhile. Maybe get the PS4 later...maybe not.

Goku7811546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Playstation domination over the past few months says it all. Xbox One price needs to come down and stay down in order to compete. Lets see how things pan out over the summer and after E3.

ananas1546d ago

for me x1 is better ...

Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
PvZ Garden Warfare
Fighter Within
Zoo Tycoon
Project Spark



i didn't count arcade games...

Hicken1546d ago

You didn't count arcade games, but you counted Kinect games like the abysmal Fighter Within?

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Most of those games you listed M$ had to pay for exclusivity for the game. You don't see Sony or Nintendo doing that shit. Because they actually have studios unlike M$.

"I don't count arcade games." Lists Killer Instinct, Zoo Tycoon, PVZ, and Fighter Within.

Lol stfu you dumb hypocrite.

And last gen m$ did then same thing buying their exclusives. We see how that turned out. Remember Mass Effect and BioShock ? Titanfall 2 will be on PS4 and the next Deadrising. Lol and Ryse was a kinect game that was meant for the 360. But since M$ lacks talented studios like Sony and Nintendo, they had to change Ryse to a xbone game. We see what they did with the 360 they haven't supported that console in years just so they make games for the xbone. Meanwhile Sony supported their PS3 for years and still support it. Sure they could've made The Last Of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, FF remake, and KH 1.5 remix PS4 games, but they aren't gonna leave their console out in the dust like m$ does every gen.

ananas1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


ladies... what? aaaaaaah yes bla bla bla... :)


Since when does buying exclusive games become a bad thing? The fact still remains that the xbox one has better/more next gen games right now, in comparison to the ps4, and that may hold true for the rest of 2014.

When I had both, my ps4 literally collected dust. I will buy another ps4 when they have more games…right now they are seriously lacking in comparison to the xbox1

HugoDrax1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

This is what I currently own for my xbox one and my ps4. If anyone needs proof, I can easily post my gamertags along with my steam account if need be. I'm a gamer, not a fanboy. Still I think XB1 has the better offerings currently. I bought both consoles at launch, and my PS4 has just gotten use as of last week when I picked up my second son pre order.


Forza 5 limited edition
Dead Rising 3 + DLC
Killer Instinct Full Version with Old school KI
Fitness ( yes I exercise )
PvZ Garden Warfare
Project Spark
NBA 2K14
Peggle 2
Halo Spartan Assault
Lego Marvel Superheroes



Infamous Second Son

That is all....

MasterCornholio1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Your buying inferior multiplats because all your friends game on the XB1 right?

Edit: Thief doesnt have multiplayer which doesnt make any sense that you bought it on the XB1.

Conclusion: I dont believe you even have a PS4.

HugoDrax1545d ago


I knew there would be one person to question my integrity.. You know what gamertag below BEAVIS!!!

auGoldfinger = PSNID
AuricGoldfinger = XBOX Gamertag

Regarding your thief comment, did it ever occur to you that I might have more than 1 Xbox One console in my house? I have 1 Wii U, 2 Xbox Ones, 1 PS4, 2 X360's. Not to mention I'll be owning a crystal white Vita 1000 in a few days to play Jump Vs. Everyone isn't a fanboy like yourself, and now that I included my gamer tags you're more than welcome to browse my history to see that I do in fact own all those games I posted. Now I will await your response....

TruthInsider 1546d ago

If you buy a console on the basis of launch titles you are an idiot.

ananas1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

if you bought console because you are a fan, then you are an i... :)

i have both console from last gen and i enjoyed playing with both of them but x1 have for me more choices how ps4... end...

sorry i want play games no wait what will be later later later... :)

MasterCornholio1546d ago

Whats wrong with being a fan of great gaming?


I agree with Ananas!

I will buy another ps4 one day, but only when it provides me with better games. It's good to own all of the consoles, but its not fun knowing that I paid over $400 for a console that doesn't have many games for me to play and or take advantage of the new hardware. This is the reason I do not have a wii u. When Nintendo and Sony get at least 4 big exclusives that I want to play….then and only then will I invest.

This is about me, not about being a fan, or loyal to a brand. Screw these companies, they only want my money, like I only want their games (fair trade off).

Automatic791545d ago

@ Melman

Last generation I owned every system at one point or another from Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Vita. At some point I started downsizing due to lack of games. Sold PS3, Wii, Vita. Let me say PS3 was awesome and so was Vita the Wii died early due to lack of games. What I don't get on this website is how fan boys always claim that there system has more games and the others don't so they won't support it. Well currently many gamers are supporting Sony's system on the basis that it will produce an extreme amount of games in the future. So suddenly its ok to support a system on past tense but knock those companies that provide games on the present tense and are investing more money this generation to give you more games. Currently gamers keep claiming the ps3 offers more then Xbox 360 but if you look at this years offering xbox360 already has way more games and ps3 pretty much is riding on 3rd party support. Folks the pendulum swings in many directions. Enjoy the system that caters to you.

Note: currently have Xbox 1 and love it excellent games and online community. In 3 years I will pick up PS4 when the line up matches the hype train. Just my opinion not being a fanboy.

CYCLEGAMER1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I agree with you man, a lot of hypocrites on this site, but it doesn't surprise me. What Sony has done (which IMO is brilliant) is that they used marketing and pr to get into the mind and hearts of people and made them make an emotional purchase/stance against MS. Hell I have friends who bought a ps4 and don't even know why they bought it…lol.

Me being a student of marketing strategies, I see clearly see the brilliance of Sony's marketing strategy, it is something that a lot of companies strive for.

Sorry for the rant…lol