Nvidia’s New DX11 Wonder Driver will be ”337.xx” and Arrive Sometime in April

Very recently Nvidia showcased a new "Wonder Driver" that beat AMD's Mantle API while staying on the DX11 API. More detail has now emerged about this miraculous driver.

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Lior1600d ago

can't wait, hopefully it will help a lot because I'm getting a 4k monitor in may (I have gtx 780 SLI)

SniperControl1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Can't wait as well, i have 2 overclocked Asus 4gb gtx 670's in SLI plus a gtx 570 running Phys X, looking forward to see what this new driver produces.

codelyoko1600d ago

"570 running PhysX" lol damn, i only have a 580.

bumnut1599d ago

Does it make much difference having a dedicated physx card?

SniperControl1599d ago


TBH, I don't really know, I have always used a dedicated Phys X card, my setup was 2 X gtx 570 in SLI with a gts 450 as the dedicated Phys X, when I got the 2 670s I naturally pushed the 570 down the pecking order.

However, Batman: Origins looks amazing, the mist and smoke affects are outstanding, the mist swirls around Batman as he walks through it, stuff like litter on the floor floats about true to life.

Downside to 3 cards, I need a massive PSU and extra fans to get rid of heat.

bumnut1599d ago

Good luck gaming at 4k with gtx 780's. I almost run out of vram @ 2560 x 1440 playing thief.

codelyoko1599d ago

vram isnt really relevant at hitting 4k. Memory bandiwdth is. Look at charts of r9 290x and gtx 780 ti. The ti with its supposedly low ram should be dessimated but its not.

RedDeadLB1599d ago

I'm guessing AMD isn't having a go at doing wonders for DX11, are they?

SniperControl1599d ago

They don't need to, they have mantle.

RedDeadLB1599d ago

In only two games and one benchmark tool. DX11 is far more widespread and would have been of more use in titles such as Battlefield 3 or Bad Company 2, which are still played by a large number of gamers and in which AMD cards don't do as well as Nvidia's to begin with, with drivers creating bottlenecks (GPU usage drops/fps drops) where an Nvidia card doesn't. My i5 3570k somehow performs worse with an HD7850 @ 1080p than it does with a GTX 460 @ 768p. Go figure.