Why This Generation Is Going To Be Different

William at GameCloud writes: "I genuinely believe that players will be the driving force of this generation. Unlike before, we now have the ability to become involved, and to help shape the games industry for the better. There is no other entertainment medium that allows this sort of interaction, and it is also why I believe, in time, this generation of gaming has the potential to become the most creative and innovative yet. There will always be a natural desire for outstanding graphics, but I also believe there is a lot more room for other types of experiences, as well. The indie scene has clearly demonstrated this over the past couple of years, and I think the “AAA” industry will have no choice but to adapt to this changing landscape. Thanks to each of you, I expect that the best games could still be ahead of us."

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Army_of_Darkness1482d ago

It will mainly be different due to the fact that the ps4 is leading in sales, which means that MS no longer has the upper hand with forced 3rd party parity.
But in my opinion, what will really shine(just like last gen) will be Sony's first party studio games. They are gonna visually make ps4 games equivalent to a high end pc game. The order, uncharted 4 and God of war as obvious examples.

Irishguy951482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

"They are gonna visually make ps4 games equivalent to a high end pc game"

Like last gen right

Come on, the systems are already at their limits. Ps3 and X360 were outdone in 2007 if even. They're releasing as 'mid end' PC's and already they have trouble with FPS and 1080p. What you're getting now iwth the Ps4 and X1 is 2012 'high end' hardware. Which is fine for a console to be perfectly honest. Tech improves at somewhat of a ridiculously fast rate. PC's are getting cheaper too which doesn't help the consoles, I just bought a PC for 570 that wipes the floor with the two consoles. Surprised me how cheap it had actually become. Exclusive content, as Danny says, is really the only reason to own a console. Which again, is fine, because they have alot of exclusive content and I will buy them for it, as I nromally do. The one who has the most options is the 'winner' of the 'console wars'. Meaning the one who has all consoles and a PC

danny8181482d ago

^^^ very true. What will define sales will be exclusive content. To me both systems offer the same stuff. Cloud gaming etc. but the games just like last gen will define which sustem will be better

josephayal1482d ago

Infamous SS looks better than anything i have saw on PC

Ashunderfire861482d ago

Naw that is not the real reason this generation is going to be different. Well for starters both PS4 and X1 have x86 architecture similar to PC, plus virtual reality is going to be the major change for this generation. Both systems have 8 gigs of Ram compared to the previous 512MB last generation. Games are looking as good as cgi trailers(If you were to see these graphics back then when PS1 and PS2 yester generation, they would called cgi trailers). We have come this far in technology and it won't stop here.

Vegamyster1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

While the Order looks visually impressive the gameplay that we've seen from it shows linear corridors and it runs at 30 fps + it has those black bars, the PS4 will not be able to compete with PC games designed to make use of the hardware which is to be expected.

Ashunderfire861482d ago

Dude that is an early footage of The Order 1886, so don't judge and just run with it. They said that the game will have exploration and open areas. Something like The Last Of Us. They put black bars for a reason man. They want it to look like a movie. Its a design choice. No PC game today looks like that graphically on default(default without modders helping so they don't count).

Vegamyster1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )


Early footage? The game has been in development for 4 years, also i already know why the black bars are there.

"No PC game today looks like that graphically on default(default without modders helping so they don't count)."

You haven't seen any PC games that look better then the PS4's then you clearly haven't looked.

Btw why wouldn't modded games count? It's one of the pros of gaming on the PC.

Relientk771482d ago

Hopefully more JRPGs and platformers

DCfan1482d ago

As much i want that to happen, sadly, it won't, for the JRPG part.

chrissx1482d ago

Ps4 exclusives will define the new gen because they will fully utilize Ps4s superior beast engine

xJumpManx1482d ago

I think last generation set the tone with brand allegiance. Sure you still have those friends you know in person but at this point you made connections with gamers you met online thru either PSN or Live. The reputation as well as the achievement or trophy system you gained last generation carries over to this generation as well. I find these things to be more important to me when deciding what will be my primary console than the slight graphical differences.

trenso11482d ago

i just don't want to have an over saturation of FPS it seems like there is a few open world games and MMOs which is good because i think that will push the limit of these consoles more than a linear genre like an FPS could.

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