Bible Video Game Developers Fail to Raise $100,000 on Kickstarter, Satan to Blame

It was to be called “Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham,” and would have been an action-RPG in which you play one of Abraham’s buddies and get to witness all the Biblical events like Abraham killing his son and banging his handmaid. Could it be Satan? Yes! Satan. Satan conspired to make people not give them money to create a videogame. Because you know, Satan has nothing more important to do than mess with some dudes who are trying to make a videogame.

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dasbeer881428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Reading through the comments below, since when did N4G users become so knowledgeable about the Christian bible? It's like as though the majority of you guys went to a Christian college and studied four years to earn a degree.

At least tell me whether the Da Vinci Code is true or false!!

Hellsvacancy1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

It's true, Satan did this, I spoke to him this morning when I woke up, he said he would be doing the world a favour by not letting this awful game be made

guitarded771428d ago

HAIL SATAN!!! Thou art good to us gamers!!!

GT671428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

if Satan sooooooo good to you why dont anyone call out his name in car crash???? or right before you die in air plane crash 100% of the time JESUS is called.

like he's going to spare your life......he want you to die for his glory, take you from Jesus.

I get a disagree for speaking the truth?? thats the devil for ya.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1428d ago

whoa buddy...think you missed the sarcasm by about 3 miles...

dcortz20271428d ago

Relax bro, I'm Christian myself but he is obviously being sarcastic lol.

HaveAsandwich1428d ago

Jesus was an alien. This idea has also been written down on paper, so by using the logic of these men, it must be a fact.

Volkama1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Edited away, I want no part of this

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The story is too old to be commented.