Watch_Dogs Director Talks Upgrades Since E3 2012, Resolutions and Gameplay; No Demo Before Release

Watch_Dogs Creative Drector Jonathan Morin has been a true gold mine of information about the game lately, and last night he was on a roll adding more pieces to the large and complex puzzle of the game.

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Priestwithgun1571d ago

watch dogs listd on your must buy list-check

SolidDuck1571d ago

I don't think it's on my must buy list. But I do think it's going to be good. I usually enjoy ubisoft games. But I'll prob wait and see what people are saying about it before I buy.

thereapersson1571d ago

I hope that they put this game on PS+ for a free trial.

stavrami-mk21571d ago

there's nothing like listening to someones opinion on if a game is good or not really helps sway the masses

iNFAMOUZ11570d ago

You mean must rent list when its a dollar at redbox, check

DarkLord10031571d ago

Watch dogs creator talks "upgrades"......

MasterCornholio1571d ago

Hope they pull an Infamous instead of a Forza with this game.

B-radical1571d ago

Your comment comes down to,opinion if people think infamous looked better pre release or when it was released.

Forza looks great just no where near as good as what was shown

MasterCornholio1571d ago


Your right about that. But in my opinion Infamous was upgraded since E3 and Forza was downgraded.

But thats just me.

bienio1571d ago

This is the future. The PC version is the main platform of the best graphics / physics etc. PS4/xboxo gets ports, and everyone gets happy...👍

fdkenzo1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

maybe the pc will have the best graphics, but the console will have the best exclusiv games ....this is the fact ( look in the past : uncharted, god of war, infamous, heavy rain, beyond, halo, etc...)

bienio1571d ago

As for me all the games you mentioned somehow not doing a great impression on me so I will continue insisted on including the PC is the future. Time have changed and it is a matter of time.

B-radical1571d ago

PC has more exclusives just less AAA exclusives

Lior1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

You were kidding by calling heavy rain and beyond great. I am enjoying Civilization 5, rome total war 2, witched 2, stalker, starcraft 2, dota 2, arma 2 and 3, dayz, counter strike and more

Also if pc gaming was dead where would NVIDIA or AMD be? and if they were gone you would have no consoles you muppets. They supply your APIs and GPUs for your little plastic consoles.

edqe1571d ago


It's worth to keep in mind that console gamers are not interested more complex games (otherwise they would not play with consoles). The games fdkenzo listed are typical AAA simplified platform, shooter and point&click adventure games.

I personally enjoy grand strategy games and deep RPGs; UE4, CK2, MUDs, etc. They are type of games consoles doesn't have.

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stavrami-mk21571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

i wish i knew someone that gamed on a pc .pc gamers are like nearly extinct now,gone the way of the dinosaur :-/

in fact i am wrong i just googled it and apparently there's 300 left in the wild :-/

dcj05241571d ago

Lol, people need to. Learn to take a joke. There's more PC gamers than all last gen and current gen consoles COMBINED.No need to get serious on a obvious joke.

1nsomniac1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

WTF are they talking about!?

There is no upgrade what-so-ever. The new Welcome to Chicago proves just how drastic a downgrade it has been from not just the original E3 trailer but also the apparent PS4 gameplay footage from last year. This has to be the biggest showing of BS in the gaming industry to date!!

It's a shame because the game may well be brilliant but I can't condone a developer consistently lying in order to sell me a product so my pre-order is cancelled & I won't be buying this. Ubisoft are counting on the weak to ignore the facts & the fact they are calling their customer base liars for claiming there has been a supposed downgrade. It's just not acceptable.

Ashunderfire861571d ago

It looks exactly like the E3 trailer and gameplay demo last year. As a matter of fact, I saw it at E3 when a developer was playing it on PS4. It looks the same man. People need to understand that this is the beginning for open world games on next gen. It will improve over time. You guys are just cry babies who can't tell the difference.

candy_mafia1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


'I won't be buying this. Ubisoft are counting on the weak to ignore the facts & the fact they are calling their customer base liars for claiming there has been a supposed downgrade. It's just not acceptable'

If you have zero intention of buying the game, then why are you spreading propaganda and negativity? Are you suggesting people are 'weak' if they buy the game?

Fed up with people trying to insult others regarding what 'they' choose to spend 'their' money on!!! You claim you're not buying it so (kindly) quit crowing about it, and let the 'weak' enjoy Watchdogs.


I agree many big babies spitting their pacifiers outta the pram lol

1nsomniac1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

As I said, the game may well be brilliant & if people want to buy it that's completely up to them & absolutely nothing to do with me at all - Why on earth would it be!?.

What I do find in regards to people being weak is the amount of sheer factual proof about there being clear severe downgrades from BOTH E3 & more importantly last years PS4 'real-time gameplay' that everybody can see with their own eyes from these trailers. Yet they still completely ignore the fact or even claim the opposite. That is a weak minded person no matter how you class it, get a back bone!

If Ubisoft were honest & didn't keep suggesting that the non fanboy, non biased ones amongst us were liars then I wouldn't give a damn. Either way if you accept the BS their shovelling out to us then you're an idiot, simple as that!

candy_mafia1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Okies, granted you're entitled to your opinion. You're clearly an intelligent person, but you're opinion should be your own and not forced upon others.

It's not cool to call people idiots just because they don't see what you do. It appears arrogant, ignorant and dismissive.

However, you are totally entitled to that opinion and I respect that, but I would never call you an 'idiot' ...not in a gazillion years :)

1nsomniac1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I'm not trying to force my opinion on anyone but people are ignoring the facts that anyone & everyone can see with their own bare eyes.

People aren't seeing different images/videos than others. We're all seeing the same, so those claiming things that simpley aren't true are destroying the industry for all of us not just me or any other single person.

The people that are getting annoyed with what I am saying are the very people who have clearly seen these trailers & can see full well the severe differences & continue to lie themselves for reasons that I can't even imagine.

I don't understand it & I don't want my hobby to continuously get ruined by these people! we see it over & over again with developers pushing agendas that 'idiots' agree/accept. Then because of this it makes it into the mainstream/normal & I don't want that anymore, but hey I have absolutely no control over it so we all have to rely on others to understand this.

The main point that I'm annoyed at here though even more than the people who are ignoring the facts are Ubisoft because they're outright calling there own customers liars & that I can't handle!

dcj05241571d ago

Dude, there was no downgrades man. It looks the same as E3 2013.

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edqe1571d ago

Well, as a PC gamer this was good news.

PC [email protected]

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