A Different Take On the Problem Surrounding MGSVGZ

There is a growing debate surrounding Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This debate is centered on game length and cost. This article attempts to take a different look at it, speculating if the Hideo Kojima was trying to do something that very few others tried to do with console games.

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bennissimo1598d ago

All that matters is that he delivered a trifle for half the cost of a full release, and fanboys lapped it up. It sets a woeful precedent.

levian1598d ago

That by itself isn't the problem, it's just the start of it.

The problem is that so many people are going to skip GZ because really, nobody wants to pay that much for such a short game (I call it a game very loosely. I have literally played longer demos). And when people pass it up, they miss the story in it.

So when the full game comes out, it'll be the full game minus GZ, and we will get shorted on part of the story. All because they wanted to "give us a taste" before it released. All this wouldn't be a problem if they included it with the full game, but that's doubtful.

Whether or not the game was fun, it is overpriced, if it should be priced at ALL. If people think it's worth it because of how fun that one hour is, would you mind if MGSV was bumped up to say, $100? It'll be fun as hell, have a ton of replayability but that would be crazy for a non collector's edition. That's what they've done with GZ - turned something that should have at most been $10 and basically doubled (or more than doubled for non digital) the price.

2pacalypsenow1598d ago

Fanboys? so now Being a fan of a series makes you a fanboy? (in a bad way) ??? what?

bennissimo1598d ago

No, considering how many fans of the series aren't willing to pay $30 for 1.5 hours of play with no replay value.

2pacalypsenow1598d ago

so only fanboys play this games? then i guess im a fanboy nothing wrong with that i dont mind supoorting kojima and konami . MGS 5 proluoge has given me more fun and gamplay that Ryse

matrixman921598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

100% completed it tonight. Took 37 hours and 16 minutes...which was longer than it took to get the platinum in Infamous and 100% my good and evil playthroughs

MichaelZack1598d ago

Huh! That's the longest I've heard with the game. What was different with yours versus the others, do you think?

GuruMeditation1598d ago

I tend to think it's all about how you play. I grew up with games that took anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to 'win', so as a child I learned to make the most of those 2600 (and then c64 games). Completion time was irrelevant, it was always about bettering yourself through score tables and feats of prowess. I just see this as a similar experience, one to be savoured not rushed. My caveat is that, having become more used to modern titles whose stories and fetch-quests extend the run-time, I had to go back to basics with my mindset for GZ. So I can 100% appreciate why others would consider this game emaciated. I just don't see it that way.

matrixman921598d ago

because people rushed through the main mission and thought that was it. If you don't unlock all the cassette tapes and everything, u are missing out on so much backstory and important canon. Im assuming most people got to the credits, then immediately went to rant about it on the internet.100% requires all collectibles and S ranking all missions on hard

CrossingEden1596d ago

You can 100% this game in a much shorter time. Wasting time and exploring every nook and cranny searching for secrets that aren't there when the game can be 100% in a much shorter time does not justify the price. I could take a much longer time to play ANY game. And cassette tapes shouldn't contain the bulk of the story, the main missions always should include the bulk of the character development.

matrixman921596d ago

guess u didnt play peace walker then...or really any other mgs game. Majority of the awesome content is in codec calls and cassette tapes

solidboss071598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I never shot all pigeons in GTA or whatever waste of a life 'extras' are in games. Stuff like that is depressing. Why I find most games suck, they are incredibly shallow, too many 'game' elements.
I completed MGS, Sons of Liberty, and Snake Eater multiple times. I know how to play and appreciate these favourite games of mine.
Ground Zeroes is SHORT' I stealthed through it all in 2 nights. Nothing else to see, covered the whole Camp Omega on first playthrough.
No blind people can spin this for others.

iistuii1598d ago

Totally agree. That's the reason for these daft trophies/achievements, they make people believe they need to complete them to finish the game, but it's just stupid things like shooting pigeons or listening to cassette tapes or finding statues. Fact is if you play the game through doing all the missions it can be done in one sitting. It's short & should have been a free demo.

BBBQ_BYOBB1598d ago

I think it's worth $20. They shouldn't have charged more for next gen or hard copies. I ended up playing 14 hours on normal and 3 on hard and really enjoyed it. But length of a game doesn't mean much to me, I have lots of games to play so being shorter is a plus in my book, they just shouldn't overcharge for it.