All Age Gaming Podcast Ep 29 – Microsoft hints at Game Sharing and Naughty Dog loses staff

Paul from All Age Gaming writes "This week on the All Age Gaming podcast we discuss the latest news including Microsoft hinting at a return for Digital Sharing on the Xbox One, plus Naughty Dog loses more key staff. Also, Microsoft promises a game filled E3 with less executives and Sony’s Drive Club can’t catch a break. Plus on the show we tell you how you can win a copy of Infamous Second Son for the PlayStation 4, and a host of other games as well, so you best be tuning in".

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GeofferyPeterson1518d ago

Whoa, Mircosoft "game-sharing"? Where'd they get that idea from?

MasterCornholio1518d ago

I found that instructional video very helpful

"Thanks" Adam

Magnes1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

@geofferypeterson I don't know, its a "STEAMY" hot idea though...