Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide heavily discounted

The Collector's Edition Strategy Guide for the recently-released multiplatform “Dark Souls 2” has been heavily discounted by an online retailer.

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temprince1513d ago

got this game love it :)

LoneWolf0191512d ago

been discounted since before launch

karamsoul1512d ago

It's been discounted like that since pre-orders for the guide were available.

Kivespussi1512d ago

I wish there wouldn't be any guide... I mean I feel like it would be much cooler to figure out stuff by doing or talking with others than looking stuff up from a guide... Well at least not everything is on the guide. I mean people are still figuring out what the flames actually do in majula's mansion and why do they turn blue

Maxor1512d ago

Internet+ipad=no reason for published guides.

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