Gamers-Association: Infamous: Second Son Review

Jay writes, "Infamous: Second Son takes the franchise one step forward while still taking a step back. The new powers can be tons of fun, but the lack of variety can be very frustrating at times. The character models look so, so good, but game lacks well-written characters. Even if Second Son fails to meet the expectations it set for itself, it is still a welcome addition to the PS4 library."

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GundalfDeGrej1481d ago

I totally agree with the underdeveloped characters. I don't even remember most of their names. It's not a perfect game but I still think it's worth buying.

*spoiler I guess*

That nerd guy for example got one cutscene in the whole game if you take away the parts where he's simply a huge demon fucking shit up.

Thehyph1481d ago

My only beef is that there wasn't enough to do.

The game is really fun, but I got the platinum so fast, and there's not much reason to go back after getting it. I'm NOT knocking the game for a lack of multiplayer, but I DO believe that an open world game should have a lot more content to keep you occupied.

philm871481d ago

I see your point about the open world stuff, can get repetitive doing the side missions, which are optional anyway, but I think this is something they'll be looking to develop on DLCs or for a sequel now they've got the rest of the game pretty awesome.

1481d ago
philm871481d ago

Really don't understand a lot of the negative things that are said about the game. I thought the whole game was just smoke powers (which I'd have been plenty happy with) but then you get tonnes more that can all be upgraded and expanded, so there's loads of variety in moves. Also they give plenty of time for character development, you get the whole back-story of most characters in the cool cartoon cutscenes. Don't see how they can do much more.

This game is simply incredible.