Final Fantasy X: How to Build the Ultimate Blitzball Team

Once you've mastered the finer points of Blitzball, you'll compete in the Blitzball tournament in Luca and move on to the Mi'Hen Highroad you gain full access to play Blitzball at nearly any save sphere, but there's more to the game than just playing it. There are over 50 Blitzball players in the world of Spira just waiting to be scouted and picked up to make the ultimate team. Every player has a contract with his or her team to play for a pre-determined amount of games and keeping an eye on that is the key to putting together the ultimate team.

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URNightmare1573d ago

Blitzball in FFX and the cards games in FFVIII are great! I spent a lot of time in those "mini" games.

Snookies121573d ago

FF IX's card games were wonderful as well, not to mention the chocobo treasure hunting. That's what FF XII and the XIII series were missing. A lot of fun mini-games to distract you from all the battling and world-saving story stuff.

cluckey071573d ago

Does putting together the ultimate team really matter? I have only one great forward (tidus) and one great defensman (niada). My goalie sucks and my other players mostly suck. Yet I am ablle to win most games by an average of 6-0. I have more than 50 games played. I think my record is like 48-3-1. After the first few games which are a little bit of a struggle it gets quite easy. Ten years ago when I played before it was exactly the same.

Hicken1573d ago

It doesn't really matter, but it makes the game easier.

In X, I had Tidus and Wakka up front, Svanda as my midfielder (great stats for that opposition) Ropp and Kiyuri in the backfield, and Nizarut as my goalie for the PS2. 9-0 was how my games usually wound up, though I think the most I ever scored in a game was 11.

I just like the ability to completely dominate my opponent in every game.

Working on getting the band back together for HD.

X-2, on the other hand? I can only hope they made it more like X in the HD version.