Building the perfect team in Bravely Default

In Bravely Default, the right team makes all the difference. A boss that once seemed impossible to defeat can be steamrolled with the right lineup. Once you figure out the perfect combinations of jobs and subjobs, you'll feel like you're playing a different game.

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Drithe1450d ago

Why does this have PS3 on it? Is it coming to the ps3?

MrSwankSinatra1450d ago

Nintendo localized & published Bravely Default in North America & PAL Regions, so the odds of it coming to PS3 are not really feasible.

josephayal1450d ago

I would be shocked if there's not a mobile/playstation(all) title in 2015

Chrono1450d ago

3 Dark Knights & 1 Spiritmaster/White Mage