MONG Podcast Episode 26 - Will Facebook Destroy the Oculus Rift?

Is this the beginning of Skynet? Will there be a Riftbook?

This week the team discussed Facebook buying the Oculus Rift and what it means for the company, as well as news about Far Cry 4 and the next Assassin’s Creed games, the Japanese Xbox One exclusives coming, and Nintendo’s news about over 50 new games coming!

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GeofferyPeterson1357d ago

Could I see the Occultbook Facerift possibly destroy all of humanity? Yes.

UnwanteDreamz1356d ago

Hide your kids, hide your wife..

justSumDood1356d ago

"Could I see the Occultbook Facerift possibly destroy all humanity? Yes."

At least until the emergence of The One ;)

azure19901356d ago

I wish people would stop jumping on this hate bandwagon. We know nothing about this lol. All we know is facebook took it over. I hope to see something at E3. If it sucks it sucks, if it doesn't suck it doesn't suck.

osborn20091356d ago

Listen to the podcast. We agree that people are overreacting.

mcarsehat1356d ago

no more money = goooooood

choujij1356d ago

Reputation wise, it's already been destroyed.

osborn20091356d ago

I disagree. Only the hardcore knew about the Oculus Rift before hand. Now the whole world does. More potential consumers now.

Geekman1356d ago

No. Facebook is just funding Oculus VR so in case it takes off, they get money for it. They have no influence other than owning the brand.

Bonerboy1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Good one! That's rich....and if FB gave you a banana and told you it was an orange would you then believe that it was indeed an orange?

A company like FB doesn't buyout a company for >>>>2 BILLION<<<< and then not set in motion some influence over their purchase. If not right away then soon. C'mon man, you're smarter than that, right?

After the final dev cycle is finished and the consumer version is released, then we will see FB completely and utterly running the show.

Geekman1356d ago

May I suggest you shut up?

Obviously Facebook will put SOME of their own influence into the VR, but it will not influence it in any major way. It'd ruin the product.

Go to Review Tech USA. He'll explain it better.

ChickeyCantor1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Facebook has no reason to disrupt the development. The developers simply have unlimited resources now. If it goes the wrong way facebook can intervene.

But you wouldn't buy a product for 2 billion and then ruin it. That's bad business ( considering 2 billion is accumulated from investors )

Bonerboy1356d ago

HAHAHA, Of course you may suggest I shut up, but I won't.

If you had actually fleshed out your 1st comment in the first place it wouldn't have sounded so ridiculous and definite, therefore I wouldn't have felt the need to be a dick.

"They have no influence other than owning the brand." This statement comes across as utterly preposterous. Type man, type!

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