Call of Duty: Strike Team will be Dissolved by the End of this Month

"The folks at Activision announced this evening that they’ll be shutting down their long-time project, Call of Duty: Strike Team and dismantling their collection of game developers employed at The Blast Furnace. While the publishers at Activision promised to retain most of their team and offer possible relocation, there has been no further statements on just how many employees will be fortunate enough to keep their jobs at the branch studio. At the moment, details on the topic of potential numerous lay-offs and potential integration into Activision’s main Call of Duty franchise are a little scarce."

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Nuk1515d ago

Maybe the 12-16 year old kids will..

Thats their primary demographic.

Sy_Wolf1515d ago

I didn't even remember that this was a thing.

AceBlazer131515d ago

Idk what the hell this even is, well was apparently.

Agent_hitman1515d ago

The last best COD that I've played was MW2 and Black ops 1