Batman Arkham Knight: Leaked Gameplay Audio Review

In line with our present-day preview to Batman Arkham Knight we want to provide a glimpse behind the scenes of a games presentation at a trade show.

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CyrusLemont1395d ago

Sounds beautiful, great to hear Kevin Conroy again.

delicia1393d ago

The music in the background as he interrogates the thug is very nice.

Army_of_Darkness1393d ago

Audio leak in the form of a video??? Really??

Ashunderfire861393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

What kind of BS is this?

Edit: Person should of give us the link instead of youtube. Its legit lol!

wannabe gamer1393d ago

you didnt click to the source im guessing?

lets_go_gunners1393d ago

Wow much audio very sound wow.

matrixman921393d ago

this has to be april fools was that lol

matrixman921393d ago

ehhh..nvm. I obviously just listened to the youtube video, which had barely audible voices and was like 5 seconds. Didnt realize it had a link to more

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The story is too old to be commented.