Awesome Arma 2 Gameplay Clip Rains Down Fire

Gaming Blend "Over on a Reddit thread they managed to pinpoint an area of gameplay from a mission that spans more than an hour, from YouTube user Dslyecxi, where he pilots a mean bird in the sky over enemy territory in the co-op clip"

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josephayal1603d ago

Nice Vid, I hope arma comes to ps4/x1

alexkoepp1603d ago

I agree, it might be too complex but keyboard/mouse support or a creative tweak to controls could be possible. Don't see it happening though.

ExCest1603d ago

It's probably too niche a title to bring to the current consoles. DayZ could definitely go but arma probably won't. It'd be financial suicide to port the whole game over and publish.

URNightmare1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Awesome!! One of those moments in video games that you will always remember. This kind of experiences is what set games apart.

I had a similar experience in BF3 once where I ended up in a bad area and I was hiding looking at the hell happening around me and going like "holy sht!"

I have to play Arma someday. I need a new PC first.

Great vid! I showed to a friend and his reaction was the same, amazed!

ExCest1603d ago

Unfortunately, those kind of events in arma are exclusive to military reenactment clans like the one in the video (ShackTactical). You have to be pretty active in the group to join one of those battles.

Otherwise, most of the multiplayer servers are sandbox modes revolving around building and deathmatch (like wasteland or dayz or whatever).

BattleAxe1603d ago

Looks like a lot of fun with the right players.

AnEwGuY1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I remember back in the day, when ArmA vids/pics looked otherworldly, compared to anything on consoles, and you needed a kick-ass PC to run the game. Now, it looks rather laughable...graphically...comp ared to most AAA shooters.

Rivitur1603d ago

Funny I was just watching shack tactical Arma 3 vids last night now i get this...

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