Five Game Franchises That Need to Raise The Difficulty

Not every game needs to be an epic struggle, but Matt Byrd of Pixel Critique thinks there are five gaming franchises that would benefit from turning up the heat a bit.

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DoomeDx1389d ago

who the hell is dark souls II used as a game tag?

candy_mafia1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Not that I'm a pro-gamer or anything, but I tend to play most games on hard settings 'cos they last longer, more thrilling/challenging to play and I love trophies.

Unfortunately, few games A.I. are programmed to provide a serious challenge. Most resort to the old less health, more enemies scam.

Over the years many games have either dumbed down or are way to easy so they can accommodate the 'casual market'. Apparently that's where the money is.

motherbrain2421389d ago

I'd love to see difficulty levels in The Legend of Zelda. Coupled with an open world environment. No more linear story structure. It's my favorite gaming series but it could most certainly use a shakeup.

noelo1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Probably the franchise that needs to raise the difficulty better than any other one is Call of Duty. But then if Activision does it COD's popularity will plummet.

SolidGear31389d ago

I always play on easiest setting. I want a story, not headache.

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