Switching From Console To PC

"I’ve been gaming for a while now, at least since the age of six, that means around 15 years now. I’ve always primarily been a console gamer, from my Nintendo 64 to my PlayStation 1 and all the way up to my most recent purchase, the PlayStation 4. I’ve always felt at home holding a controller, I wouldn’t settle for anything less."

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wtopez1575d ago

Welcome to PC gaming, where you'll never run out of great games to play.

GeraltofRivia1575d ago

Welcome to PC gaming, where there is frequent cheap as sh*t game sales, use almost any controller you want, and DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PC GAMERS ARE NOW ALLOWED TO USE THEIR COUCH WHILE GAMING!!!!!!!!!!! Over centuries we were forced to be hunch back evil elite nerd keyboard mouse junkies. The new International Law 1654.7H8E34 Article #2560pGraphics states that "While playing PC games has previously required you use a computer monitor, mouse and keyboard or else your left foot would turn into a coconut, it is now permitted to use a television and a gamepad to play a PC game." Date law was passed: Since the first day people complained of it being impossible.

gamernova1575d ago

Dude, I am a PC gamer but your message comes off as bitter. Who cares if people don't know! As long as we get to enjoy the best gaming experience, that's all that matters. Developers definitely know that PC is a fantastic platform which is why PC is getting more and more games.

Khan6131575d ago


As a pc gamer, I've owned a number of consoles and approached both platforms (PC and various consoles) very differently.

There are pc games where it just makes sense to use console controllers.

And then there are my favorite FPS titles where I wouldn't even try to play with analog thumbsticks.

And by the way, I RARELY game at my desk. I'm usually in the living room playings BF4 with keyboard and mouse on my 60" TV...sitting back in my sofa, feet up and kicking a$$ :)

AmbaLaBamba1575d ago

Thanks for the comments everyone! :)