Fez (PlayStation 4) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "Fez is one of the most meticulously crafted games in recent memory. Its puzzles are a perfect blend of ingenious trickery and mind boggling mayhem, while its gorgeous visuals and sublime music are absolutely dripping with atmosphere. The result is a lush world that is both awe inspiring and completely intoxicating. While the map is an unmitigated mess, and traversal can sometimes be a pain, this transcendental trip is definitely deserving of your time."

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GribbleGrunger1570d ago

If you haven't played this game then you must buy it immediately. If you can solve the more obscure puzzles without turning to Google, then you are a genius.

motherbrain2421570d ago

I really hope that Phil gets out of the funk he's in and makes a sequel. His mind needs to keep making games.