Ocelot will be a radio contact in MGSV: The Phantom Pain

In an interview with Japanese website 4Gamer, Kojima mentions that while in Ground Zeroes you could only communicate with Kaz, in The Phantom Pain you’ll also be able to contact Ocelot. This marks the first time the famous character is available as a radio contact.

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ZodTheRipper1604d ago

I always liked Ocelot, will be interesting to see how his relationship with Big Boss (and the others) develops in this. I don't want to wait so long :(

ZombieKiller1604d ago

I love Ocelot!I loved Josh Keaton's performance as him in MGS3 and can't wait to see how his character evolves in the upcoming game.

Not too sure about who he is working with this time (my guess is he's a double agent at this point in time)

I hope his story is even further explained in this game too. He's too deep of a character and I would love to see a bit more about him and why he does what he does.

Eonjay1604d ago

He is the glue that holds the story together. He is the son of the two most legendary solders ever in Metal Gear Solid lore and is the ultimate spy. He was so good, he even tricked the JD super computer. He was essential part of the Big Three that took down Zero. Solid Snake was basically the tool Big Boss, Eva, and Ocelot used to locate Zero to pull his plug... literally.

andrewsqual1604d ago

And Troy Baker plays Ocelot in this too, if the E3 trailer is still the final boss that is. At least there is one redeeming voice talent in the game then. Still not buying though without Hayter just like didn't and won't be touching GZ for the same reason. Thanks for nothing Kojima.

THamm1604d ago

Why do all the people who are non fans of MGS like to confess they are not buying for all the troll reasons, "demo". too expensive, voice talent, really
Really if you haven't bought GZ already then don't comment on TPP. You excluded yourself, and need not further tell us you're intent.

andrewsqual1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

@THamm I am quite a massive MGS fan actually. I DON'T CARE about the demo overhype that children have been screaming about the last 2 months, but isn't just lovely to see somebody, YET AGAIN, bringing it up. MGS GZ is great value for its great price.
I already explained exactly at the Keifer Sutherland reveal that I WOULDN'T be buying this and I am stating it again.
I did the same thing when the abysmal Resident Evil 6 game was announced in early 2012 and I am clearly not the only one who thought so when Capcom cried about terrible and failed sales of the title.
This is a comments section, why wouldn't I, a huge MGS fan, be here???

Hmm what was I saying above about the final boss??? Lol I meant "if the E3 trailer is anything to go by".

THamm1604d ago

Sorry if I sounded harsh,but too many people are trying hard to fail this for their own personal pleasure, whilst being the only series that doesn't pump sequels every year to take money. As an MGS fan, you're really missing out and you should play GZ. It's a new benchmark not only for MGS, but gaming in a whole.

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DEEBO1604d ago

After beating MGS4 and knowing the sucks that snake was use by zero to always fight against big boss when zero was the real enemy.

Name Last Name1604d ago

Zero probably used Solid Snake for the infiltration of Outer Heaven but we don't really know for sure. Maybe the Patriots AI is already in control by the end of MGS5.

Ratty1604d ago


Yeah he was used to fight against Big Boss. That much was confirmed. The AI took control after MGS2. If you'll remember they said the mission was the final test for GW. Though I guess it's possible the other AIs were already in place and had partial control over the world.

The plan to make AIs came about around 1995 (Outer Heaven) in the timeline. That was when Big Boss betrayed Zero and the patriots. They said he lost faith in humanity at that point and turned to making AIs.

My guess is we might see Big Boss "returning" to Zero's side at the end of MGSV. All we know is that happened around 1990. He then re-established Foxhound in the US while secretly building his forces in Outer Heaven in order to strike against the Patriots.

DoomeDx1604d ago

How about a spoiler tag? :/

KonsoruMasuta1604d ago

It's not really a spoiler. It was obvious in the trailer where Ocelot was briefing Bigg Boss on the mission and where he needed to go.

Nitrowolf21604d ago

Perhaps he's referring to DEEBO comment, otherwise, yea not really a spoiler.

Anthotis1604d ago

I hope he doesn't actually meow this time.

aLucidMind1604d ago

Didn't it kind of fit with his character in MGS3? He was arrogant and always wanted to prove that he is a bit of a bad-ass. Usually those who are still immature and arrogant, while knowing that they are damn good at whatever it is they do will find some ridiculous way to flaunt that ability. One of those things was how he had soldiers that can respond to his every command, so that tendency in those immature people manifested in himself as meowing like real ocelot to signal "his" soldiers.

That's just how I took it, though as he is very mature in every game past MGS3 as he grew confident rather than arrogant.

amobius1604d ago

Yes ocelot is such a cool character, I wonder what the banter between him and punished snake is going to be like. it will be epic for sure

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