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Excerpt from the review:

"Among Sony’s highly regarded portfolio of intellectual property lies an under appreciated comic super hero, power rush of a game, Infamous. Despite previous entries in the series Infamous has never earned the critical acclaim it perhaps deserves. Always facing competition from arguably less compelling but more power-infused titles such as Crackdown and Prototype whom offer underdeveloped story concepts, alongside undeniably enjoyable power-fueled gameplay. Infamous has always contrasted these titles by offering a significantly more grounded super-hero in both a figurative and literal sense, with a strong focus on crafting a compelling, believable environment and plot. The resulting games, Infamous and Infamous 2 have perhaps fell slightly short of expectations, whilst narrative and plot has always been solid, previous titles can be boiled down to a little more than a third person shooter, where you fire lightening from your hands rather than bullets from your gun."

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ColonelRex1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I agree. And also, Infamous is easily the best next gen game so far.

Pintheshadows1515d ago

A pedestrian just told me I had more soul than Cole.

josephayal1515d ago

best graphics I've seen on the next gen systems so far

ltachiUchiha1515d ago

Thats the honest truth. I still can't believe Sucker Punch was able to pull this off. The game is so beautiful & so fun as hell.

josephayal1515d ago

I can't imagine how good PS4 Exclusives will look in the next years, Lil Big Planet, Uncharted4, Demon souls, GT7, etc etc etc..... this is just the beginning!

ltachiUchiha1515d ago

Yeah I agree, I mean we seen this last gen with ps3 exclusives always setting the bar higher & higher with each outing. I think it's safe to say we will see the same this gen but with drastic improvements. Naughty Dog is going to push the envelope to crazy heights where its going to be unbelievable when we see it with our own eyes.

MasterCornholio1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

The performance is impressive as heck though. I was expecting dips into the teens at the most intense sections yet it only drops to 27FPS which is perfectly acceptable in my opinion.

P.S This isn't troll bait just my honest opinion backed up by Eurogamers framerate analysis video.

NeoTribe1515d ago

Yeah, i went through the whole game without ever noticing a drop in performance. Pretty amazing really.

GuruMeditation1515d ago

Agreed, considering the intensity of some of the scenes and the accompanying particle counts, I was almost bracing myself for that sub-teen frame judder, which didn't arrive. So SP have done an amazing job keeping the frame rate smooth.

mayberry1515d ago

Sucker punch delivering the goods in MS'S backyard for a sony exclusive. Why Didn't ms want a developer this good right in Seattle is telling!

rbluetank1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I love the new powers. I really liked Smoke until I used Neon. I really love Neon until I used Video. I really love Video until I used "Spoiler" "?power?". the game is a blast to play...