Avalanche Details “Number of ROPs” Differences Between Radeon HD7970 and Next-Gen Consoles

While talking about the low number of ROPs (how many pixels we can output per clock), Emil revealed that a Radeon HD7970 can handle a 128bit path format. Next-Gen consoles, though, seem to be limited compared to GPUs similar to the aforementioned one.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1359d ago

I'm confused. Is the PS4 better or the Xbox One?

bicfitness1359d ago

Always was, always will be. About 50% better. No secret sauce or pixie dust is gonna change that. Plus the PS4 RAM solution is simply more efficient.

MelvinTheGreat1359d ago

This whole 50% more powerful simply isnt true. The ps4 is clearly the more powerful of the two consoles, but its not 50% more powerful. Its 50% faster.

GameNameFame1359d ago

Actually it IS 50 percent more powerful by the strength of the GPU.

That is measured by how much calculations it can do.

Also, for desperate secret sauce believers out there. PS4 and X1 has same compute units. PS4 just has far more of them.

Same chips. Just more. So stop with desperate secret sauces. If it works on X1, it just works better on PS4.

X1 GPU: 1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
768 Shaders
48 Texture units
2 ACE/ 16 queues
PS4 GPU: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) for games + 56%
1152 Shaders +50%
72 Texture units +50%
32 ROPS + 100%
8 ACE/64 queues +400%

creatchee1359d ago

All of those shaders, texture units, ROPS, and queues, and yet BF4 still only runs at 720p and 900p. Just goes to show you how far behind both consoles are in relation to the PC.

Sarcasm1359d ago


Don't bother posting hard facts. They simply will not understand any of that anyways.

The excuses you'll hear will always be:

-SDK Update
-Power of the Cloud
-DX12 will close the gap
-Pixie dust

The list goes on.

Prime1571358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Creatchee, before getting into gaming media (kotaku, popped my cherry a few years ago), I would have simply understood you. Now it's not so simple...

Console's are just a different breed. That's why a PC gamer (much like yourself and I) can be labeled a Sony or Microsoft fanboy simply by speaking the truth (which you did). However, when you start to involve politics and other random Crap, the console wars and fanboys will always prevail.

So, this is difficult as you won't understand, but you are so right while being wrong in the conversation at hand (which is that ps4 is "50%" -in quotes- more powerful)., as a PC gamer, don't get that most (literally a huge proportion of most) gamers [especially in console wars] are only talking about the console wars.

Thus, when you bring in PC you will be ignored and exiled.

Again, I agree with you, but I don't think you understand.

BitbyDeath1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )


BF4 was a cross-gen launch title. Meaning (1. lastgen held it back on all platforms and 2. it was rushed to meet launch)

BF5 should be 1080p and should look far better, especially considering what we have seen in newly released titles and also what is coming in future.

BallsEye1358d ago

but then ps4 has 172 GB bandwidth while xbox one has 272 GB bandwidth. Then it comes a better audio chip etc etc. But hey, for an average joe like you this probably means nothing and all you care about is that GDDR must be better than DDR3 which in your eyes makes console 50% faster.

Azzanation1358d ago

50% faster not 50% more powerful, its around 30% more powerful not including DX12 and Azure Cloud. ESRAM will close the gap even more. Both GPUs in both consoles are heavily modified so going off shelf specs isn't going to be accurate.

Flamingweazel1358d ago

AZZNATION = Mistexmedia. The power gap is at the HARDWAR level, no DX12, sdk, esram is going to make the gap smaller. As for your X1 has 272 GB bandwidth thats hogwash you simply cannot add up the numbers like that thats not how the hardware works. What an idiot.

Nekroo911358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

@Ballseye ...for the average joe this proabbly means nothing... ahaha you retard you are throwing numbers and you dont even know how it works the 32MB of esram achieve a MAXIMUM PEAK of 200gb/s while the 8gb of DDR3 68gb/s. 32mb can only be used for processing small things like aim, textures,etc and the minimum is 90gb/s so what makes you think you can had the max speed to the ddr3 speed?! Please stop making a fool of yourself

nightsurge1358d ago

@GameNameFame and @Sarcasm

Facts only work when they are accurate. The Xbox One received an 8% GPU allocation increase to games. So that 1.18TF is wrong and should be 1.296TF. That's mistake #1.

Mistake #2 is assuming Sony does not allocate any GPU resources to the OS/camera/UI etc. They have to do this in order for those systems to work. So the PS4 1.84TF number is actually lower than that. We don't know how much lower since Sony and devs haven't revealed that yet.

Third mistake is listing all the individual GPU components and thinking that shows an even bigger performance gap. The TF figure already gives the TOTAL MAXIMUM throughput and is an aggregate of all the GPUs parts/performance.

The actual hardware gap of the two consoles is only ~30%. That is the real 100% grounded, no fanboy nonsense, FACT.

The only reason the differences were so great at launch on multiplat games is because MS was very far from ready with their software development tools and devs could not use the super fast and small ESRAM efficiently.

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jay21359d ago

Yes, PS4's more powerful, Direct x 12, cloud etc won't change that.

redwin1358d ago

Nah han, the cloud and the pixie dust help the Xbox . I believe, I believe.... Ooh, wait I'm in my Titan ....... Oh yeah, I believe. I love my ps4 too, I don't know specs, I just play the games, and I like both systems , but the ps4 is a bit noisier , but not as bad as the 360.

Mithan1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Yes, but not 50% like the guy below using transistor calculations says.

Difference is much smaller but it's still better. Probably in the real world range of 20% or so, as indicated by most games so far.

Ju1358d ago

Real worls IS 50%. MGS5 pushes 50% more pixels (980k vs 150k), BF4 runs higher res and higher frame rate, AC4 same 1080p vs. 720p and so on.

Subjectively, it might not look like that. But to achieve this, those 50% are required.

Alan_Shore1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Ok prob best not to use the word better. But ps4 is more powerful but can be bandwidth bound earlier then x1 depending on what solution the x1 is using. Also if the x1 is using 32bit path

But by the looks of it they are using the theoretical peak performances of both systems memory which none will hit.

kneon1358d ago

The PS4 will only become bandwidth bound earlier if they try to do nearly twice as much with the ROPs as on the XB1.

Given the same amount of work for the ROPs the XB1 will hit the wall much earlier, either because it only has 16 ROPs or because of the lower bandwidth.

Whether ROP bound or bandwidth bound, the XB1 will hit the limit sooner.

Azzanation1358d ago

None are better. Both XB1 and PS4 can do the exact same effects with the exact same polygon counts and detail. The best is PC if you want to pay for it. Quality isn't cheap.

kneon1358d ago

And yet the $2000 PC I'm building right now won't run Infamous at all, very strange./s

It doesn't matter how powerful a PC is if it doesn't have the games you want to play.

Flamingweazel1358d ago

Uncharted, GT7, The show, The order, Destiny, LAst of us and on and on are not on PC idiot.

3-4-51358d ago

On PC, you can "Benchmark" test within most games to see how high settings you can run and it gives you the Frames Per Second as well.

* I'm assuming somebody will figure out a way to make these comparisons with the Xb1/PS4.

* If you maxed everything out, PS4 would run at a higher Frame rate, and would be a smoother game.

^ With certain game types and genres, that makes HUGE difference, with others it won't matter at all.

* We will only see 5-6 dev's actually fully take advantage of the PS4's ram and other stuff.

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jay21359d ago

That's quite an interesting read. Sticking with my PC (which has a 3GB HD7970) and PS4 until Sunset and Quantic break come out for the XBone.

Pro Racer1359d ago

Happy with my dual 3GB 7970s at the moment, might have to get a One if Halo 2 Anniversary has classic MP though.

Sarcasm1359d ago

That's good.

I for one am happy with my GTX 660 for Titanfall and my PS4 for Infamous.

Prime1571358d ago

Inn still rocking the 8800 gtx... suck it!...

Damn, I spend too much on booze. Inn fact I can't remember the last sober moment i browsed n4g...

Sarcasm1358d ago

^I still have an 8800GTS 320mb on my sister's desktop alive and kicking. Not bad for a 7 year old card.

oldskoolgamer7021359d ago

i have both and you can barely tell the difference. i actually prefer xbone because the ps4 controller is terrible

dcj05241359d ago

You could buy a modded PS4 controller that has different materials.

zero_gamer1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

He mentioned nothing about the materials. For all we know he might not be happy with how the controller is designed, how it is laid out or how it feels in his hands. Material-wise, my DS4 feels more durable than the DS3 and shows no signs of premature wear on any of my analogs, and it's the pack-in controller for my launch PS4. I love my DS4, but the Xbox One controller feels damn good in my hands as well. I'll buy one for my PC when I get around to it, or when I feel the need to do so.

No controller is liked by everyone.

Prime1571358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Exactly, zero_gamer, it's a preference thing.

Just stop, STOP.

The x1 controller is a downgrade from the 360 (TO ME and many others). Placement is terrible.

Again, to me, and many others, the ds4 trumps the x1's placement. It's small... maybe they want kid gamers, but the average gamer is 30-32, so where do your thumbs lie.

That's why mouse and keyboard should be allowed! Oh, you like how I changed the preference thing?

Sarcasm1358d ago

I feel the controller for the Xbox One is a downgrade from the 360. Looser sticks, hard to hit shoulder buttons, and that weird cross texture on the sticks themselves.

jkendrick1358d ago

@ Old

You know you don't have a PS4, stop trolling, you sound just a little butt heart.

Kingnichendrix1358d ago

I dont think he has ever said anything positive about sony haha

Evilsnuggle1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

PS4 32 ROPs double the ROPS of xbone 16 ROPs. This is what I'm talking about. The PS4 has more advance than jant 50% more GPU power . Like 100% more ROPs and 400 % more ACEs PS4 8 xbone 2 the PS4 also has huma or Heterogeneous Systems Architecture. No xbone doesn’t have HUMA because it doesn't have unified memory Because of the Esram. Xbone is designed around kinect not gaming.

I know you a guy on a game forum know More than game developers and computer engineers. This is what Digital Foundry said I quote " final Xbox One architecture and the proof we need that PlayStation 4's 18 CU graphics core has 50 per cent more raw power than the GPU "
I don't know what you xbone fanBoys don't understand. PS4 has 18 GPU cores and xbone has 12 GPU cores that is 50 % more GPU cores. What you xbone fanBoys Are misinformed is that 50% more powerful doesn't equal 50 % more performance . 50% More power is equal to 28 percent performance gains in a GPU. Again if a car has 50 % more horsepower than another car doesn't mean it's 50% more faster than that another car.

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LexHazard791358d ago

Lol.....dude, you sure know how to get the best out of that one bubble! To funny!

Illusive_Man1359d ago

So much has been said about the PS4s hardware advantage without a full understanding of the individual platforms. The debate is much more complicated than the GPU and RAM. I don't believe for a second the PS4 is 50% faster and more powerful than Xbox One. The slides here seem to indicate they are comparable but achieve their performances very differently. Disagrees incoming, I'm sure.

Sevir1359d ago

Blind will be blind... Can't believe it but every game release proves it and developers confirm it everyday...

Much has been said about this and everyday I say people can't be so dense as to believe the PS4 isn't 50% more powerful than its closest competitor, yet and still it's it clear someone does!!!

Power of the cloud, secret sause, dual GPU, New Software update, Direct X12... I can't keep up. lol, I'll agree with what you say in reference to the slide, the machines achieve their results in different methods... The caveat here is the results show... PS4 performs better!