Cubed Gamers: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

A review of the recent re-release.

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kalkano1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

"While linearity can help lead players through a well-written and engaging story, roadblocks are thrown up constantly in the form of a confusing introduction (which in Final Fantasy tradition goes on for some hours), overly long cutscenes and worryingly poor voice acting."

There's no merit to any of those points, other than some of the voice acting.

"Quite why the voice acting falls so flat is a bit of a mystery, since the game makes use of an impressive cast, including James Arnold Taylor, John DiMaggio and Tara Strong."

Only Tidus (James Arnold Taylor) did poorly.

"It’s also unhelpful that the game’s ability to name the characters means that characters seem to go to great pains to avoid addressing one another directly."

I'm not sure you played this. You can only name Tidus.

"Of course voice acting and sound editing don’t make a game, but they can act to redeem a game with rather poor writing."

I fail to see what that has to do with X, which was FANTASTICALLY written.

"The characters too leave a lot to be desired, although they tick the usual Final Fantasy boxes – the Blonde Guy, the Magic Girl, the Kooky Chick, the Moody One, and the ‘Ethnic’ One. The problem is that they all seem to display very little depth beyond that."

I'm sorry. I can't even read any further. I can't take you seriously. You must be trolling for hits.

MrNameless1599d ago

Right, thanks for that. This is the sort of thing I hate about the internet. You think I'm wrong, so clearly I must be disingenous in my view.

kalkano1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Because the internet has too many ulterior motives at play. Sincerity is hard to come by on websites looking for hits. If you said these things to me in person, I'd still completely disagree with you, but wouldn't question your honesty.

Also, this point:

' "It’s also unhelpful that the game’s ability to name the characters means that characters seem to go to great pains to avoid addressing one another directly."

I'm not sure you played this. You can only name Tidus. '

Really makes it look like you didn't actually play it.

Edsword1599d ago

To be a real critic you have to try to understand other's point of view and what it is you are reviewing. Here you are taking one of the most well received FF games or turn based RPGs for that matter and giving your biased opinion. For that you are opening the door to commenters who are going to rip you to shreds. It doesn't mean that is not how you genuinely feel about the game, but it does mean you are a terrible critic.

3-4-51599d ago

It's not IF your right or wrong, it's HOW MUCH your viewpoint differs from nearly everybody else who played or reviewed the game.

* Your opinion is fine, but 57/100 is STRONG STATEMENT, that is going to get noticed.

For me a 57/100 game would be a game that is doesn't work properly. Things don't function like they should, there are glitches and frame rate drops everywhere, things are out of sync, constant freezing......stuff like that.

PeaSFor1599d ago

thats why peoples shouldnt care too much about reviews, theyre simply a dude opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Hicken1599d ago

I agreed with the nameless one on accident.

This is pathetic. Even if only on the level of quality, it's better than a 57.

Not even every FF has the "usual" trope characters.

I get the feeling you don't know anything about the game... Based largely on some preconceived notions.

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MrNameless1599d ago

It would be odd at best for me to buy a game with no intention of playing it. However, I will clear that bit up to make it more obvious.

Magicite1599d ago

lol, what a freak. giving so low score and not being able to justify it.

ritsuka6661599d ago

I hated FFX-2 from the start because I was expecting it to be like FFX and was just plain ridiculous.

knifefight1599d ago

Review says: "...after not too long you’ll be completely sick of it."

I love when reviews presume to know what I will like.

Give me your own take, tell how you feel about the game and describe why, that's all well and good. But don't presume to be inside *my* head, hahaha.

MrNameless1599d ago

Our style guide warns against first person. "You" in this context means the unknown player. Granted I probably should have used "might" or "One".

LAWSON721599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

One of the key rules when writing is to not use the word you at least according to a English class I took in college.

Primarily due to a reader thinking this.

"I love when reviews presume to know what I will like."

3-4-51599d ago

"One", rather than "you" would have been a better, more clear choice of words.

At the very least you are getting some constructive criticism, and learning something (hopefully) in the process.

* You are reviewing people's work ( the game). That was their job for 3-4 years.

In reviewing that, your pointing out the flaws in the job they did.

Why can't WE do the same about your job/review?

Only seems fair right?

knifefight1599d ago

Doesn't matter which you used. Even if you'd said "one will be completely sick of it" would be just as stupid.

You're a mind reader now? You don't even preface it with "fans of ______ with PROBABLY (feel a certain way)" or anything like that. That example would be understandable, but you don't go that route. You say definitively that another person (be it "you" or "one") WILL get bored quickly. This, by the numbers for this game, is simply wrong.*

* = Before you try and read my mind again, this is not to say that review averages and sales figures determine a game's quality. They do not. I am saying that YOU predicted that your reader would get bored quickly, when those things statistically prove your prediction way off.

Again: tell me about your own experience and your own opinion, but when you start to try and play the mind reader, things just get ridiculous.

Modi19841599d ago

hahahah so the reviewer dont like the game
so he like pew pew aliens fps games pew pew green laser

MrNameless1599d ago

My two favourite games are Grim Fandango and Mother 3. Not a pew pew alien in sight.

rextraordinaire1599d ago

I can understand that someone didn't enjoy the game. I myself could never manage to finish it, got sick of the characters around the middle mark.

But then again, I didn't really enjoy VII either. My favourites from those respective FF eras being 9 and 12...

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