An Examination of Skyrim's Massive Success

Hardcore Gamer: Core gamers often like to think that success or failure in this industry in dependent upon us, but that is by no means true. Comparatively, we probably hold more influence than any other group of video game consumers, but for a game to achieve massive levels of success it has to be embraced by more than just core gamers. This isn't to say games can't be targeted only at core gamers and still succeed, but to reach that next level of success a game really has to appeal to a much wider audience.

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Bigpappy1482d ago

I agree with most of what I read. I read all of it. Very interesting observations. I think that now they have such a large following, it is time for them to go back to the Morrowind level of depth. It would be much more immersive and satisfying now that people understand the basics.

Elwenil1482d ago

If as the article says, the next step is appealing to a wider audience, you can forget all that "depth". Accessibility is the new thing and most main stream games suffer from it.

Bigpappy1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

His point is that they do have that wider audience while still having more depth than many other core games. They may not want to go into making the fighting to complex with a bunch of combos and such, but they could force them to navigate without a curser and just have the points of interest on the map; they could go back to having you explore to find special weapons have an economy where you have to find work or steal or have good bartering skills to get the best prices. Where you loose the semi-causal gamers, is whey you make the game frustrating. Dark soles will do that to them so will a game like Ninja Gaiden.

@KrisButtar: I can identify with what you are saying. I had some friends I worked with who were excited to play. But found themselves over whelmed. But if they have played Skyrim, they would have understood the way the menu system and spells, enchantments, ... work. So now that extra layer would not be as big a barrier and give a bigger thrill.

Those are just my thoughts and wishes though. Could be completely wrong headed. But as I said I do identify with what you are saying and do not fully disagree.

KrisButtar1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I thought Morrowind was OK, I never did finish it. I loved all the lore and stories but not enough. I was turned away because there was too much micromanaging. I believe the fan base is growing because they are moving away from the micromanagement level of depth of the older titles while keeping all the games full of lore. For them to add that level of depth again would be counter productive.

There are things I wish they did keep from earlier games Morrowind had repairing armor, had more body armor slots, spears and more skills. The creating your own spells from Oblivion.

The quest marker is something I like because some of the directions they gave in Morrowind sent me way in the wrong direction and that became very frustrating.

I do like the Skyrim leveling system better than the micromanaging of the earlier titles. The class system just added an unnecessary step in my mind as you generate a class and can play and level how you wanted anyways. There are things they can add for depth, but to the level of Morrowind would still be too much I believe as I still can't handle it and I loved Oblivion and Skyrim.

Are you getting ESO?

Iamnemesis48801482d ago

Skyrim the greatest RPG in the world I would bet. We need more games like this and we will see it soon I would bet.

Gozer1482d ago

I will be absolutely thrilled when Bethesda starts making Fallout and Elder Scrolls games for the next gen consoles.

I am on the fence about Elder Scrolls Online. Ive only played one mmorpg, and I wasn't impressed(WoW btw). But I love the ES series. Probably do more research before I make a decision.

temprince1481d ago

this game i s the one iv got 636 hours,logged in its my second home,i could wright a book on my life.i love this game.been playing it sence day it come out .nice going guys:)